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Supporting Document with Falsifications

About Falsifications

When adding Supporting Documentation to a log, the system will check the supporting document information against the log data to determine whether the receipt does or does not support the log status. If, for example, a driver has a meal receipt for 11:00AM but their log has a status of 'Driving' at 11:00AM, there would be a falsification detected.


The system automatically audits for a falsification when saving a new log with a supporting document.  Note: If the supporting document is added AFTER the log is saved, it may not audit for the falsification. A falsification audit can be run after entering supporting documents if it is suspected that a falsification wasn't detected.


Example of a Falsification

When on the Edit Log screen, click on the Supporting Docs tab

There is a meal receipt for 10:00 AM which looks like this:


After the Supporting Doc is added, click SAVE (for the log itself) and get this:

The system audited the status of the receipt (which should be on-duty) against the status of the log (which is "driving") and noted the falsification.  


If the Falsification is saved, the log record will have a violation:


REMEMBER:  The Falsification Audit occurs when a log is saved, not necessarily the Supporting Document.  To catch all falsifications entered, you'll periodically want to run the Falsification Audit.

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