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Falsification Audit

About the Falsification Audit

Though the system can audit logs for falsifications as supporting documents are saved or entered, it is best practice to run an additional falsification audit, especially before sending out Compliance Notifications, to ensure that everything is up-to-date.


The falsification audit function re-audits all of the logs and supporting documents, looking for any mismatches on duty status or times that might trigger a new falsification. It will also clear any falsifications that no longer apply.


To run the audit

Go to Driver Management > Hours of Service. Click on Falsification Audit on the left side under Common Tasks.



A parameter screen comes up offering several filtering options:

  • Company
  • Employment Status
  • Job Class
  • Employee Range
  • Log Date Range

It's recommended to audit a range of logs by including a date range using the date range fields. Having a smaller timeframe will allow the audit to complete in less time. Then, click Run Audit.



A system message will then be displayed indicating that this process may take time:


Once the process is complete, the user will receive an email indicating that the process has finished.


Once the email has arrived, the user can run any reports intended with the confidence that any falsifications indicated are accurate.


What if the email never arrives?

If the email never comes to the users inbox, it may be due to any of the following:

  • Incorrect Email for the User Name: The email address that the message will be sent to is the user's username. It could be that the message is being sent to a different email address than one that the user uses for typical emails.
  • Email Reroute: The email could be coming to the users Junk, Clutter, Spam, or Deleted items depending on the users email preferences.
  • Not Done: The system may not be done with the audit yet... especially if the audit is being run for a large volume of records.


The system can still be used while awaiting the email. Keep in mind, however, that any changes made once the falsification audit started running may not be reflected.

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