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Resubmit to Hiring Process

If someone previously applied for a position and was rejected, but is now reapplying, their rejected file can be found in the Employees tab. Go to Driver Management > Employees > All Rejected Applicants (listed under Common Views).



Click on the applicant's name.



To put the applicant back into the hiring process, click Submit to Hiring Process under Other Tasks on the left hand side.




Click Save to then submit the applicant back to the hiring process.



Go to the Driver Management Home Page to view the driver management alerts.  In the Hiring Process Alerts box, this applicant is now in the alert for # Applicant(s) to Apply Screening Process. Click on the alert.



Next to the applicant, click Apply Screening Process to move the applicant into the next step of the hiring process.  The subsequent steps are found in Processing Applications.


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