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Scoring Video Events

Based on your company's risk priorities, you can score video events that are triggered by the camera and work with your drivers to ensure safety on the road and potentially correct behaviors.


To score a video event, first go to the Videos tab in the left menu and select Events.


Choose an Event/s to Score

There are 3 ways to score an event after reviewing event footage.:

  1. Check the box next to the event/s to score. Then, click the star icon in the upper right.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis next to the Event Type column for the desired event. Then, click Score.
  3. Click on the Event Type to open the Event Details page. Locate the Score area.


Scoring the Events

Each method above will provide a Scoring panel to select an applicable score for the event. Remember to Save. Scores correlate to the driver who generated the event and their driver ranking. If you score an event a negative number, then it will subtract from the drivers’ overall driver score. If you score an event a positive number, it will get added to the drivers’ overall driver score. Scores are reset to 99 at the beginning of each month.


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