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Video Events Roster

The Video Events page will display all registered video events from your camera fleet. From this page, you can view events within specific date ranges, view video details, score videos, and more.

Go to the Video tab in the left menu and select Events.



Click a link below to jump to that specific topic:

Video Events Page Basics  |  Flagging Events  |  Viewing Event Details

The Basics

At the top, you can select a specific date range to display Video Events from.


The grid can be filtered by each column and column views can be customized. Columns can be filtered by clicking Show Filters.


Once applied, filter options will appear under each column header. For example, you can select specific Event Types to view, specific Drivers, etc.


Click Clear Filters to restore the table to its default view.


Click Hide Filters to remove the filter fields from your view.


To view only specific columns in the table, click Edit Columns.


Uncheck/check any desired boxes to remove/add to the table view. Click Save when finished.


Flagging Events

Users can flag events directly in the Video Events table. Flagging events can be useful for future reference. Users can also view which events are flagged and who flagged them. 


Flagging has 3 states: 

  1. Not flagged by anyone = grey
  2. Flagged by yourself/the user = solid red flag
    • Click on the flag if you need to Unflag the event
  3. Flagged by a different user = outlined red flag
    • Click on the flag to view who initially flagged this event. If you would like to flag it, click I want to flag.

You can filter the Flag Events column to view events flagged by you, by other users, or both.


Viewing Events

To view the video event and its details, click on the name of the event type in the first column or select the vertical ellipsis button and then View Details.



Event Details

The Event Details page allows you to view the event footage, score, determine Actions taken to complete the review, and share the event with the driver.

Helpful articles:


You can also watch the video event, extend it to Full Screen, and/or download the video to your device.



The Details page also shows the Location of the event.



View and make comments about the event in the Comments tab. Tap +Comment to add.



The Event History Log tab displays actions taken on the specific video event. You can download the log, if desired.


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