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Promoting a Recalled Video

Promoting a recalled video will push it into the same workflow of a generated event where it can then be analyzed, scored, etc.

First, go to Video in the left-hand menu and then click Recalls.


Note: Only recall requests that have a status of "Complete" can be promoted. See the Request Status column to confirm the recalled video status.


Promote a Recalled Video

There are several ways you can Promote a recalled video. These actions can be found within the vertical ellipsis icon to the left of each Event Date OR within the Video Recall Details page for the video.



Click the ellipsis next to the desired video event date. Then, click Promote.



Video Recall Details Page

Click on the specific event date to open the Video Recall Details. Locate the Promote button.


Confirm the Promotion; this will turn the recalled video into a "new" Video Event.


Analyze and Score the Promoted Video

Once processed and promoted, you will be able to view this recall on the Video Events page. Go to Video > Events in the left-hand menu.


First, ensure the data parameters are a range in which the desired Promoted recalled video falls in.



In the Event Type filter (click Show Filters at the top of the table if filters are hidden), check the box next to Promoted Video Recall. Click Apply. Now, only Recalled Videos that have been Promoted will display in the table.


Now you can analyze, view footage, score, etc. as you would with any other video event. See Scoring Events for more information.


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