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Learner Self Registration

Click the arrow next to your initials in the top right. Then select Learning Center > Learner Self-Registration.


The link displayed on the Learner Self-Registration page can then be sent to your learners. This will allow them to register on their own.



When a learner opens the link, they will be prompted to search for their last name in the search field.



If their name is not listed, they will select: register a new learner. The user will enter their information and Save.

clipboard_e34587b4d05a0bbc2db0caf5356066dd9.png clipboard_ef3d7bde0caa7c2aac45569487dbb16c6.png


If their name is in the list, they are provided a link to login.



If they've forgotten their username or password, the learner can select these to retrieve this information.

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