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Learner Groups in TMC

To access Learner Groups, go to the Learners tab and select Groups.



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Add a Learner Group | Edit a Learner Group | Edit Members of a Learner Group | Enroll Members of a Learner Group In a Course


Add Learner Group

Click +New Group.


Name the group and click Add.


Edit Learner Groups

To edit the name of or delete a group, check the box next to the specific group. Select edit or delete.


Edit Members of a Learner Group

To edit the members/learners assigned to that group, check the box next to the desired Learner Group and click Edit Members.


Add Learners to the Group

Click the Edit Learners button to add learners to the group.


Check the box next to the desired learners to add. Save when finished. In the example below, Molly Mason is being added to the Equipment Operators learner group. (Alex and John were pre-selected in this screen as they were already in this learner group.)


Remove Learners from the Group

To remove a learner from a group, check the box next to their name and click the Remove Learners button. (You can select more than one learner at a time.)


Note: You can also click Edit Learners and uncheck the box next to their name. Save when finished.


Enroll Learners from a Group Into a Course

To enroll everyone in this Learner Group into a course, check the box next to Learner Name in the top row. This will select everyone in the list.


To enroll one or just a few learners, manually check each box next to the desired learner/s.


Then, click Enroll Learners.


You will then be brought to your Shopping Cart/Enrollment page. See Enrolling Learners in a Course for more information.


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