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Adding and Managing Learners in TMC


Under the Learners tab select Manage Learners.


Add Learners

Click the + New Learners button.


Enter in Learner Information, noting which fields are required and optional.


  • Click the + in the circle on the left to add a profile image, if desired.
  • First & Last Name
  • Location: Select the appropriate location for the new learner. If you have not yet added locations to your site, you can do so by clicking Add New Location right from this field. Or, see Adding Locations for more information.
  • Company Affiliation (Optional): Affiliation Groups can be added in Affiliations Management. For more information, see: Managing Affiliations in TMC
  • Learner ID (Optional): A Learner ID could be used for your company's own unique recordkeeping purposes.
  • Secondary email (Optional)
  • Job Functions (Optional): Select the learner's applicable job functions.
  • Learner Group (Optional): Select the applicable Learner Group. If you need to add a new learner group, you can do so from this field by clicking Add New Learner Group. Or, see Adding Learning Groups for more information.
  • Many other fields are optional.




Managing Learners

Clicking on a specific learner will open more details.


From here you can view their username, edit their information, generate a temporary password, see an overview of their course completion, view the courses they're enrolled in/enroll them in courses, view enrolled curriculums, etc.



You can also see any failed courses, view/respond to questions from that learner, and upload any applicable documents.



Edit/Delete a Learner

Select the checkbox next to the learner's name. Select Edit to update any necessary information, or Delete to completely remove the learner from the site.



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