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View/Add Classroom Training Assets in TMC

This article walks through how to view training assets for Classroom Programs and how to add more/edit/delete/rearrange training assets/materials for a Classroom Program that you have created. This is helpful when you need to add more training materials after you've already created your own classroom, remove any assets, etc.

Note: Before adding training materials, your Classroom must first be created. See Adding Classrooms in TMC for more information. You can only add Training Assets to Classrooms that you have created (ie. you cannot add assets to classroom programs added by J.J. Keller®. You must first make a copy of the desired classroom program. For more information on copying classrooms added by J.J. Keller®, visit: How to Copy a J.J. Keller Classroom Program in TMC.)


Adding More Training Assets

From the Catalog tab, click Classroom Programs.


Locate and select the desired Classroom Program.

Tip: You certainly can sift through all of the Classroom Programs in Grid View (the view in which image cards are displayed for each Classroom), but you can also search for a specific Classroom by using the filter feature in List View.


Once in the Classroom's information page, click the Training Assets tab.


Now you can add sections and assets associated with that section, rearrange the order of training materials, copy, download, edit, or delete assets, etc.




View/Download Training Assets For Pre-Built Classroom Programs

To view the training assets/materials for classroom programs built by J.J. Keller® and/or download those materials, navigate to the Classroom Programs page and locate the desired classroom.



Click the Training Assets tab. Now, you can download any training materials desired to your device. Some classrooms offer the option of downloading all of the program's training assets into a "zipped" file.


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