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J. J. Keller Support Center

E-Learning Courses in TMC

E-learning Courses are individual, self-paced courses/learning modules that learners will take in their Learning Center account. Here you can download training materials, enroll learners, set due dates for completion, remind learners of their course, and more.


Use the Table of Contents on the right or the links below to jump to a specific topic:

Access E-Learning Courses  |  Enroll Learners  |  View/Edit Enrolled Learners  |  View Training Materials


Access E-Learning Courses

From the Catalog tab, click E-Learning Courses.


Locate and click on the course title. You can search for a specific title, use the filter feature to narrow search results by Areas/Industries/etc. Click on the (i) button to view the course description.


From here you can enroll learners, view training materials, edit information about the currently enrolled learners, and more.



Enroll Learners

To enroll a learner/s in the E-Learning Course, click + Enroll Learners.


The course will be auto-added to your shopping cart. Click on the Select Learners card or click the Add Learners button (on the right).


Search for and select the learner/s you would like to enroll in the chosen course. Click Save when finished.


Next, determine a due date, when to send a notification to the learner reminding them of the course, and a minimum passing score to pass the course, if applicable.


  • If you would like to allow the learner to be able to print their own course completion certificate, check the box. 


  • Recurring Settings: Determining the settings in this section will allow TMC to automatically enroll the selected learner/s in the course on a recurring basis (ie. yearly, quarterly). See Recurring Courses for more information.
    • In this example, the Frequency in which the selected learner/s must take this course is "Every Year"; the start date of the recurring enrollments is 11/1/2024. TMC will automatically enroll this learner in this course on that date. The Recurring Ends date of 11/1/2026 will be the final time the learner is enrolled in the course automatically. You can see in the cart on the right that there are 3 scheduled enrollments, which would be on 11/1/2024, 11/1/2025, and 11/1/2026. The learner will have 30 days to complete the course each time, as indicated in the Days to Complete Course field.


  • Notification Settings allows you to set notifications that will be sent to the learner/s email address (primary, secondary, or both). You can also select an Admin/Coordinator to send a notification to. You can set specific rules for enrollment, reminder, and/or completion notifications.


If you have enrollments in your account/have a subscription, you will see how many enrollments are available to you and how many will be used with this specific enrollment in the Cart Summary. When you have confirmed all information, click Enroll at the bottom.



An order completion screen will display. The learner will receive notice that they were enrolled in the course and can now see the course in their Learning Center.




View/Edit Enrolled Learners in a course

On a course's information page, by default, all active enrollments are displayed. To view different enrollment filters, click the drop-down and select your desired view.


By default, the learner's name, email, company, course status, and number of submitted questions are displayed in the table. To view additional columns of data, click the Select Columns drop-down. Check the box/es next to each item you'd like to add to display in the table.



To notify, edit settings, un-enroll or export the displayed data, first check the box/es next to the desired learners.


  • Un-Enroll will remove the learner from the course.


  • Settings will allow you to edit the score required of the learner/s in order to pass the course, edit the due date of the course, and indicate if the learner is able to print their certificate.


  • Notify allows you to resend an email to the selected learner/s with the course announcement or course reminder.


  • Export/Export All allows you to export the data in the table below and/or export data for selected learners. To Export the entire list, you don't need to check any boxes next to learners; simply click Export and choose a file type. To export data for specific learner/s, check the box not to the desired learner/s and click Export All. Select a file type.



View E-Learning Training Materials

To view training materials associated with the E-Learning Course, click the Training Materials tab.


Here you can download training materials to your device.