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Recurring Courses

The Training Management Center offers the ability to automatically enroll pre-determined learners in pre-determined courses on future dates. This process is called Recurring Courses.


Set Up a Recurring Course

While you are enrolling a learner/s into a course, locate the Recurring Settings section. Click the + to expand.


  • Frequency: This is how often the selected learners should take the selected course. For the example below, the learner must take the Aerial Lifts course yearly.
  • Recurring Starts/Ends: Since the learner is already being enrolled in the course "today", the Recurring Starts/Ends fields are where you will set up the next time/s the learner/s is to be enrolled in the course. Select the desired dates for the next enrollment and the final enrollment.
    • In the example below, the selected learner is being enrolled:
      • Once for the current enrollment taking place
      • And then again on 12/1/2024, 12/1/2025, and for the final time on 12/1/2026. You will see in the Cart Summary how many future enrollments will be used:


  • Days to Complete the Course: Enter how many days from the enrollment date the learner/s has to complete the course.
  • Clear Recurring Settings: Reset/clear out all recurring settings for this course




Once you finish the Enroll/Checkout process, the selected learner/s are now set up to be automatically enrolled in the selected course on the determined future dates.

Sending Additional Notifications

The recurring courses will follow the same Reminder Notification/notification settings selected during initial setup. In the example above, learners will be reminded One Month prior that they have a course due.

If you would like to send additional reminders to learners beyond what was initially set up for the course, first go to the course product/information page.

clipboard_ee613c9f7495943445ec67b4515449978.png  >  clipboard_e6a674f4bfabf43310575b1b20a844206.png

Check the box next to the learner/s you would like to send a notification to. Then, click Notify > Course Reminder (or Announcement).




Manage Recurring Courses

To see a list of recurring courses currently set up, go to Catalog > Recurring Courses.


To edit the details, or even delete the recurring enrollment entirely, check the box next to the desired course. Click Edit (or Delete to remove entirely).


You can edit any recurring start/end dates, length of course completion, add learners, etc.


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