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Safety Management Suite Frequently Asked Questions


When items are deleted from Safety Management Suite, are they recoverable?

No, once something is deleted it is gone.  Be sure you want to delete something before proceeding.



Are Safety Data Sheets available in other languages?

Yes, be sure to select the needed language(s) when requesting the Safety Data Sheet.


If I upload my own Safety Data Sheet, does J. J. Keller monitor it?

No, if you add a chemical product, select No for J. J. Keller to monitor, and upload your own Safety Data Sheet, J. J. Keller will not monitor for a newer version.  If you go back into that record and change the toggle for 'Find and Monitor' on, then J. J. Keller will look for a newer version of the SDS.


How long does it take for J. J. Keller to retrieve a Safety Data Sheet?

Typically between 24 and 48 hours, but this is contingent on J. J. Keller having all of the information needed to acquire the SDS.  If it takes longer, the status of the Safety Data Sheet will change to indicate that further information is needed.


How often does SMS monitor and update our Safety Data Sheets?

We check for updated versions every 6 months. However if you find a newer version and you want it indexed sooner, you can send it to


When J. J. Keller monitors an SDS, how am I notified of a change?

On the Chemical Center Dashboard, there will be a card titled: "Notifications: New SDSs."  When a new one is acquired, the count on that card will increase.  Clicking on the card will bring you to the Product List and can be filtered by the products with newly-acquired SDS.


Are GHS labels available for chemicals?

A GHS-compliant label can be generated in Safety Management Suite for the SDS that is marked as Primary.



When Sequential Auto-Numbering is selected for Incidents Case Numbering and an incident is deleted, will the case number of the deleted incident by reused?



Plans & Policies

How will I be notified of regulatory changes that may impact my plan or policy?

The Effective Date column when viewing Plans & Policies reflects the effective date of the regulation impacting the plan.  J. J. Keller will update the Effective Date when a regulatory change occurs.  Additionally, a site update will be posted on your Dashboard under "Recent Site Updates" indicating any regulatory changes.


Does Safety Management Suite keep a version history of Plans & Policies to see any prior versions?

No, however, there is 'last modified' stamp on the safety plan indicating who it was last changed by and when.



Can a user assigned a task mark it as Complete?

Yes. Once a task is assigned, the user can mark it as Complete, change the status, add notes, and investigation records.


Can tasks be made recurring on a scheduled basis?

At this time, this is not available, but may be added as a future enhancement.



Can I enroll groups of learners in a course?

Yes, filter the list of employees by location, job, work area, etc., and then click Enroll All.


Do courses automatically expire?

Yes, they expire after 180 days, which is why the due date for the course can only go out as far as 179 days.


Can I enroll students in multiple courses at once?

At this time, no, but this is an enhancement that may be implemented in the future.


Can I view the progress a learner has made in a given course?

Yes.  Open the course, and filter by "Time Spent" in the grid.


Are training courses available in Spanish?

Yes, from the Training Asset Library, filter by Language and select Spanish.



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