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GHS Labels for Chemicals

When the Find and Monitor toggle is enabled to have J. J. Keller monitor Safety Data Sheet updates for a chemical product, GHS Labels are automatically created for the product (Note: The GHS label is generated for the chemical that is marked as Primary).


Select Chemicals > Product List.



Find the chemical.  Note that the SDS Status must show as Complete



Select Label Information.



Click Download and select the size of the label needed.

Note: See Avery label sizes for the Chemical product GHS label generator for additional information about label sizes and label templates that are available for the GHS Labeling.



The label can be edited by moving the pictograms, changing the spacing of the text, or even adding to te text.  Once any and all edits are complete, click Save & Continue.




Check the box at the top to approve the proof and click Approve Proof & Save.



The label will generate in another window to be printed.


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