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Adding Chemical Products

Expand the Chemicals section and click Product List on the left side bar from the dashboard of Safety Management Suite.



Select Add New.



At a minimum, enter the required fields for the chemical product.  The more details that can be entered about the product, the easier it will be to find the details of the product



Once all of the details are entered, select whether or not you would like JJ Keller to find the appropriate safety data sheet based on the information entered about the chemical.  JJ Keller will also periodically monitor for new versions of the safety data sheet for the product. If this option is selected, JJ Keller may reach out to you to obtain more information about the product to find the appropriate safety data sheet.


Click Save at the bottom once this page is complete.



Once the product has been added, additional details such as safety data sheets and company usage of the product can be added.

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