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Adding Chemical Products

There are a few ways to add Products in SMS:

  1. Mass upload a product list using the template from the Import/Export Center. See Chemical Import Instructions for more information.
  2. Search the J.J. Keller SDS Database and instantly upload the product. See Safety Data Sheets Search for more information.
  3. Add product information, choose to have J.J. Keller find the SDS or upload your own, and add Company Usage. Continue the instructions below.


Expand the Chemicals section menu item and click Product List.



Select Add Chemical.


At a minimum, enter the required fields for the chemical product.  The more details that can be entered about the product, the easier it will be for the system to find the product. Click the blue (i) icons to view a description of the entry field. Click Save when finished.



Once the product has been added, additional details such as company usage and safety data sheets can be added.

NOTE: Company Usage must be added in order for the SDS Center/Binders to populate the information.




Note: If Yes - Find and Monitor SDS is selected, J.J. Keller may reach out to you to obtain more information about the product to find the appropriate safety data sheet. When a new SDS is found, you will see an indication on the dashboard. If J.J. Keller is not able to find and exact match using the information provided, you will be notified to provide more information or we will explain why the SDS cannot be found. It is recommended to periodically check the product SDS Status column with info required and unable to source, and fill in the information needed.


SDS Status Column: Definitions

ToDo: User action is required to a attach a corresponding SDS to the product.

In Progress: J. J. Keller is attempting to acquire your SDS by finding a match in our library or contacting the manufacturer directly. Turnaround times vary and may be impacted by manufacturer response times.
Complete: An SDS has been acquired and attached to the product record. Unable to Source: We have attempted to source the SDS but were unable to. View the product for more information.
Info Required: More information is needed in order for us to successfully acquire an SDS. View the product for additional information.



| *When Yes is selected for Find and Monitor SDS, J. J. Keller will attempt to find the requested Safety Data Sheet, with the information provided. This process may take weeks, depending on a variety of factors, including accessibility of the SDS, manufacturer response times, etc. There is also a possibility that we will need more information from you, or that we will be unable to source the SDS. We will make every attempt possible to find it for you. 

| *Note: If you have an Enterprise SMS account you will see a required field: Data Group. Consult your Admin or J. J. Keller Client Success Specialist, Edie Herfel (800-843-3174 ext 2480), to know which data group your company is using.

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