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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this class "certify" me for OSHA/DOT Requirements?

The certificates provided in our interactive training are "completion certificates," not "training certificates." We (JJ Keller) can't certify a student's training. Verifying competence, training, and understanding remains the domain of the student's supervisor or responsible company. To be clear, no online interactive training provider can "certify" a student as having been trained.

Nearly all OSHA regulated training requires site- and function-specific training that cannot be accomplished via online training. Only the student's competent supervisor or responsible party is able to provide that. 

Please reference this information as provided on the J. J. Keller Training Portal ( for greater detail regarding the use of J. J. Keller's online interactive training content.

"The purpose of many of our courses is to provide you with a general overview of the subject matter and is usually aimed at helping your employer comply with government training requirements. J. J. Keller's courses are intended to supplement your employer's training. Ensuring that students meet training requirements is ultimately your employer's responsibility. It is up to your employer to provide hands-on training (function-specific), company or site-specific information, and additional testing. It is also your responsibility to check your company's policy regarding site-specific or hands-on training. Any questions, misunderstandings, or conflicts that you may have you're your employer's rules should be directed to your employer. Although many of J. J. Keller's courses are designed to meet federal regulations, it is your employer's responsibility to make sure they are meeting state and local regulations that could be more stringent.

What about Certificates of Completion?

A Certificate of Completion from J. J. Keller, indicates you have completed the requirements of the online course, which may include passing exams and spending the requisite amount of time in the course. A certificate from J. J. Keller does not guarantee that you possess a minimum level of skills or knowledge regarding the subject matter. It is your employer's responsibility to assess your level of skill or knowledge and determine whether you are qualified to perform a specific job or function. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.



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