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Guide for New Learners

Starting a Course

Before you begin, note the number of days your trainer has provided for you to complete the course in the Expires column.  To begin or launch a course, click Launch Course found next to the course title.  Ensure that any pop-up blockers are disabled as all courses will open in a new window. Courses do not have to be completed in one session; you can come back as often as necessary until the time allotted for the course expires.



Navigating THrough a Course

Once the course introduction plays, click the Next button/arrow in the lower right corner to advance to the first page of the course. Each course beings with a navigation lesson that takes you through all of the controls you'll need to navigate through the course. The audio in each course will talk you through the lesson.



There will be various elements you'll see throughout the course:

Check on Learning

In many courses, the on-screen text will mirror the narrated. Throughout every course, you will encounter several Check on Learning exercises. Each one is slightly different, so be sure to read the directions carefully. It is not necessary to complete an Check on Learning to continue with the course. These exercises are used purely for self-assessment.




From time to time, you will encounter simulation activities or games which require course knowledge in order to be completed successfully. Each simulation or game is different, so be sure to read the directions carefully. As with Check on Learning activities, it is not necessary to complete the simulation or game to continue with the course.



Embedded Videos

Many lessons feature video segments. The video player controls are thoroughly explained in the navigation tutorial at the beginning of each course.




In many courses, the on-screen text will mirror the narrated audio. In some cases, a transcript will be available by clicking on Transcript at the top of the course window. All in-course videos will also have a transcript available by clicking Video Transcript under the video.



Taking and Navigating through Tests

At the start of most courses, there is a Pretest which tests your knowledge of the subject. Then, at the end of most sections, there is a lesson test designed to assess how well you have learned the material covered in that lesson. Finally, at the end of each course, there is a final exam which officially tests your knowledge after completing the entire course.

The three types of tests (pretests, lesson tests, and final exams) are the same except for the following:

  1. The scores for pretests are not recorded. They are used purely for your own self-assessment.
  2. The final exams have additional resources which can be used to review for the test. These resources are covered below under Final Exam Resources.

All tests are multiple choice. You are required to take the final test in a course in order to complete the course. Course final tests may be retaken multiple times, and only your best score will be recorded. This means that if you retake a test and receive a lower score, it will be discarded, but if you receive a higher score, it will replace your original score. Some courses limit your attempts at a final test to three tries. The course will inform you of this restriction if it applies.


Moving Through a Test

Once you have selected your answer, click the submit button to move to the next page. The submit button will post a message stating whether your answer was correct or incorrect message with a continue option. Clicking continue will take you to the next question. Some courses only have a check mark for submitting.



Viewing the Test Results

When you have answered all the questions, you will see a test results screen. Here your score will be displayed, with the options to Retry the Exam, Restart the Course, and Exit Course. If you restart the course, you will be required to go through all screens in the course before being able to retake the exam.



Preparing for the FInal Exam

Final Exam Resources

Final exams offer an additional link along the top of the window labeled Resources. The resources aren't necessarily tied to that particular exam. They usually bolster the content of the course or provide more detailed information on the subject.



Clicking the Resources link will open pop-up window with information to review.



Viewing your Scores

After you exit the course, you will see your final score.



Remember that you can take the Final Exam as many times as you'd like to try to improve your score. However, some courses have a three attempt limit...the course will inform you of this restriction if it exists.

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