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Adding a Mechanic

Adding Mechanics will help with generating information in other areas of Encompass. (For example, Opening a Repair Order allows you to add a Mechanic to the repair order's details.)


Add a Mechanic

To add a mechanic, go to Settings > Vehicles tab > Unit Maintenance section > Mechanic.


Click Add New.


Complete at least the required fields and add other information as desired. To allow a mechanic's name to display in other areas of Encompass where you select a Mechanic, toggle on Show In List.

Click Save to save the information and return to the Maintain Mechanics page, or click Save & Add New to add another Mechanic.


Edit Mechanic

Click on the mechanic name or hover and click the Edit pencil. Update any information as needed and save.


Hover and click the trash can to Delete the mechanic from the system.


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