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Import Existing Units

If you have units that you would like to import without having to re-enter the information manually, the below will help walk you through importing employees in Encompass.


Go to Settings > Vehicles and locate the Company Info section. Then, select Import Existing Units.



Download and complete the Employee Excel Template that is linked in the Import Employee tool. Make sure any required fields of the spreadsheet template are filled out, at the least.

*You'll also want to make sure you've set up your Unit Types, Fuel Types, Powered Unit Types, Towed Unit Types, Owner Types, and Unit Makes in your Encompass Settings. What you put in the import template must match exactly what is in Encompass.




Then, back in the Import Employees tool, select a Company Level to import the employees into. Upload your completed spreadsheet/template file using the upload tool.

Note: When Overwrite All Fields is toggled on, any data put into the spreadsheet template will override any data currently in Encompass if a unit already exists and is being re-added/imported.


Enter an email address for the 'results' to be sent to.


Then, Upload & Preview Import File.


A preview of the information to be uploaded will display. Click Import Uploaded File.




The designated email will receive a message indicating that the import has been completed. Your newly added units will now display in your rosters.

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