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J. J. Keller Support Center

Adding and Editing a Vehicle/Unit

Adding a Vehicle/Unit

Powered units must be added to Encompass in order ot have ELDs assigned to them.


From the left navigation menu, select Vehicles > List.



Select Add New.



Enter information about the vehicle. Notice that the only required field is the Unit Code. Once the Unit Type is selected, this may change. Unit Types that are considered Powered units will require additional information for Fuel Tax. These Unit Types are:

  • Bus
  • Charter Bus
  • Equipment Hauler
  • Motor Home
  • Road Tractor
  • Tractor
  • Truck
  • Truck-Tractor
  • Wrecker

Note: Automobiles, pickups, and vans might be powered, but they typically don't weigh enough to warrant Fuel Tax tracking and therefore, Fuel Tax information is not required for them.


Additional fields required if using Fuel Tax:

  • IFTA Base Jurisdiction - The state in which the main business is located
  • Distance Unit - Miles or Kilometers
  • # of Axles
  • Fuel Type - Diesel, Gas, etc.
  • Unladen Weight - Weight of ONLY the vehicle
  • Gross Vehicle Weight - Weight of the vehicle PLUS the trailer
  • Combined Gross Weight - Weight of the vehicle PLUS fully-loaded trailer, i.e., maximum gross weight


While VIN is not a required field, it is required when ELDs are used. The VIN is required during a Roadside Inspection.


Once all information is entered for the vehicle, select Save.



If you don't see your desired Unit Type/Make/etc. in the dropdown when making your selection/s, you can set up additional options. Go to Settings > Vehicles > Lookups. Click on your desired 'category' to add more options. You can also edit current items to Show In List (ie. display in your list of options when selecting a unit type/make/etc.).



Editing a Vehicle/Unit

To edit a vehicle/unit, hover over the unit in question. Click the pencil icon to open up the edit box.


Update any necessary information and click Save.