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J. J. Keller Support Center

Training Driver List Dashboard

Use this guidance to better understand the main page of the Training Driver List.


Go to Drivers > Training.


Use the tabs across the top to narrow down results to specific categories.


Click the "down arrow" button found on the far right side of the table to select additional columns to display. Tip: For enrollment purposes, you could select Driver Management Profile so that you can see who might cost an enrollment, etc. When you check the box next to the item, the table will update with that data.


View Driver/Employee Training Progress

The E-Learning Training History tab will display drivers'/employees' training history in the specified date range. You can see when they were enrolled, when they started/completed the course, how much time was spent in the course, and their score.


More Actions

Click the ellipses next to Training Driver List to reveal further actions.


Enroll Students

Enroll students in a specific training course.

  • Select the Training Course
  • Select the employee/s to enroll
  • Click Next
  • Apply the associated Checklist Item, it's expiration date, an expiration reminder, and a minimum score
  • Click Enroll when finished

See Enrolling Employees in Training Courses for more information.



Extend Expiration

The ability to extend the employee's current expiration date for a given training.

  • Select the applicable Training Course and then the employee/s to extend
  • Enter in a number of days to extend
  • Remember to click Update when finished



Send Reminder

Send training reminders for specific courses and employees.

  • Select the Training Course and then the employee/s to remind them that they need to complete a training
  • Select a Resend Notification Type


Update Training

Update a training item for multiple (or individual) employees.


Purchase Enrollments

Purchase additional enrollments. You can note how many enrollments you have available at the top. Select an additional # of enrollments to purchase. *This will be added to your monthly Encompass invoice

The types of training included with the driver profiles are listed.


Contact your J.J. Keller sales representative for more information/assistance.


Order History Here you will see your enrollment order history. The purchase date, total $ invoiced, the invoice date, and who purchased the enrollments will appear here. You also have the ability to Purchase Enrollments here.clipboard_ebc4a67fe9af0d9fa64051633668b2782.png



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