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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (7/12/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Driver Qualification Fixed: Users should no longer get a 500 Broken Truck Error when searching on DQ Rosters 84265
Forms Fixed: The Medical Examiners Certificate (Form) should no longer throw an error when generating for whole company 79106
Hours of Service Fixed: User can now Edit an Exempt from ELD log and add Off-Duty Status; system was throwing an error before
Fixed: When editing an Exempt from ELD Log, the Rule Set will no longer default to the first rule on the drop down (changing the entire log's rule set by mistake).
Improved: Falsification "Edit" button will now take user to the Falsification Info directly; it was taking the user to the Log View prior.
Improved: When assigned an Unassigned Log Event, the Preview Chart will now show the color coding for the changes. 
Maintenance Fixed: Preventive Maintence Due Roster Past Due roster no longer contains disposed units.  84227
Mobile User Fixed: Problem is fixed where saving a new driver record was interferring with the ability for a driver to log into the eDVIR application.   83339
Settings Fixed: The Mobile Landmarks Listing will now sort in Alphabetical Order
Fixed: The Driver Management Profile area allows for Edit now; it was limited to "View" before this update.
Third Party Fixed: Errors with Third Party orders and requesting reports.  81451
Unit Service Fixed:  Fixed lag in seeing updates to the Unit Qualification Status and updated the system's notification when a unit appears qualified
Fixed: Issue where system was requiring Last Completed Dates for Unit Service Checklist when it should not
Units Fixed: Problem where user could not add trips for the unit type: Pickup.  83734
User Settings Fixed: Issue where users could not view Employee or Unit records due to permission problems and limited User Roles Assigned.   76831
Vehicle Tracking Fixed: User can now change the data plan on the GeoTab admin Portal.  83385
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