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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (6/9/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Alcohol & Drug Updated Non-Testing Alcohol Violation Modal to have Save & Add New button (function) 63211
Attachments Updated attachments to include the file extension so that the file will open on a user's computer 81713
Driver Qualification Updated the MVR Scoring area in the Driver's DQ record to sort per Settings 82326
DVIR Fixed problem where the Odometer was being required when entering a DVIR for Custom Unit Type with a Trailer 82196
Employee Fixed issue where the employee name field was not updating under the Driver's Profile card 82335
General Updated UI to take the user to the Dashboard when changing company logged into context 63213
Hours of Service Updates:
Updated the "Add Team Driver" button in the Driver's log to link to add a team driver
Updated the ELD Output view to show the updated values for Initiated From and Submitted By fields
Updated Driver's Log to allow user to Edit an Exempt log; button (function) was missing.

Maintenance Fixed
- User can now view the Repair Order attachment once one has been added
- The RO Attachment card has been been added to the Attachments tab

Mapping Fixed:
- Circular reference error where trying to save a Geofence of .1 miles
- Breadcrumb route in Encompass where it differed between the Xirgo route for same Vehicle Tracking Device

Menu Fixed slight problem with the left navigation panel: Menu items will stay highlighted once selected 75692
Mobile Messaging Fixed problem where the Mobile Message driver lookup results were different between Classic and New ENC 81522
Performance - Unit Updated Edit icon to link to the Edit Unit record from Unit Performance Roster 63214
Roadside Inspection Updated a dead link for the Notes icon; Notes will display from link.  User can also add inspection notes.
Issue fixed where completed Reports were still showing on the Roadside Inspection Due Roster 
Training Fixed problem where email field was labeled incorrectly on Training Course - Send Reminder modal 80054
Unit Fixed issue where the Unit Roster was not always updating after deleting a unit 81852
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