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About Violations

There are two types of violations found in Encompass: Form and Manner and Calculated violations.


Form and manner violations

Form and manner violations are log inaccuracies. Encompass comes with a list of violations already setup. To find these, go to Settings.




In the Lookups area on the left hand side, select Company/DOT Violation underneath Hours of Service.



A pop-out will appear with the list of violations. If there any violations your company tracks that are not on this list, violations can be added by clicking Add New



Additionally, if there are violations that are particularly sensitive for your company, they can be marked as critical and be shown in a separate alert. Hover over the name of the violation to display a pencil icon. Clicking the pencil will open up an Edit box.


Toggle on the selection for "Is Critical?" and Save.




The list defaults to the following violations:

  • (Not Specified)
  • 12 Hr On Duty Violation 395.1(e)
  • 13 Hr Daily Driving Violation (12)(1)    
  • 14 Hr Daily On Duty Violation (12)(2)    
  • 16 Hr Consecutive On Duty Violation (13)(3)    
  • 26 Hour Driving Violation (16)(d)    
  • Beginning Odometer Reading Missing    
  • Carrier Name/Address Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Co-Driver Name Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Cycle Consecutive Off Duty Violation (25)    
  • Cycle Incorrect (29)    
  • Cycle Missing (82)(1)(b)    
  • Daily Off Duty Violation (14)    
  • Deferred Days Missing (82)(1)(g)    
  • Deferred Off Duty Not Added to Mandatory 8 Hours (16)(c)
  • Deferred Off Duty Part of Mandatory 8 Hours (16)(a)    
  • Different Logs for Same Day    
  • Driver Printed Name Missing    
  • Driver Signature Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Duty Status Change Missing/Error 395.8(c)    
  • Ending Odometer Reading Missing    
  • Home Terminal Address Missing    
  • Hours Driving Since Break    
  • Hours Driving Since Rest    
  • Hours Missing/In Error    
  • Hours On Duty in Work Week    
  • Hours On Duty Since Break    
  • Identical Logs for Same Day    
  • Log Date Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Log Falsified 395.8(e)    
  • Log Grid Incomplete 395.8(h)    
  • Main Office Address Missing    
  • Missing Log 395.8(a)    
  • No Driving Hours for Miles    
  • No Miles for Driving Hours    
  • Post-Trip Inspection Incomplete 396.11(a)    
  • Pre-Trip Inspection Incomplete 396.13    
  • Shipment Info Missing/Incomplete 395.8(d)    
  • Speed Over Maximum Average MPH    
  • Start Time for Current 24 Hour Period Missing 
  • Team Driving Violation    
  • Total Off Duty Less Than 20 Hours (16)(b)    
  • Vehicle Numbers Missing 395.8(d)    
  • Warning: Non-CDL Exempt Hours Exceeded


These are considered Form and Manner types of violations (not the violations italicized).  On the right side of the page, there is a column Show in List? If this is set to No, the item will not be available when entering violations. These are usually seen when manually entering logs.  These can be triggered by Encompass, however.


Calculated violations

Encompass also tracks calculated violations which revolve around available hours to work or drive (shown in italics in the above list). These violations are:

  • 12 hr On Duty Violation 395.1(e)
  • 14 hr Daily On Duty Violation 395.3(a)
  • 11 hr Driving Violation 395.3(a)
  • 60 hr/7 Day Violation 395.3(b)
  • 70 hr/8 Day Violation 395.3(b)


Since Encompass automatically calculates these violations, they cannot be turned off.  These will show up on logs and reports when they apply.


Viewing Violations

Go to Drivers > Hours of Service


Click on the With Violations tab.


You can see the number of Violations and Critical Violations in their respective columns. Critical Violations are those that have been marked as "Is Critical?" within Settings, as noted earlier.


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