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Add an Employee Pre-Employment Test Program


View the Employee's Alcohol & Drug file by going to Drivers > Roster, click on the driver's name and then select the Alcohol & Drug tab, or, select Drivers > Alcohol & Drug and click on the driver's name to view their Alcohol & Drug file.

When viewing the Alcohol & Drug file, scroll down to the Employee Pre-Employment Test Program section and click Add New.



A three part questionnaire will then be prompted to see if the applicant meet the requirements of the pre-employment test exception.





Enter the information about the test program.

  1. Name of the testing program
  2. Address, City, State, and Zip Code of the testing program
  3. Verify: check the three boxes as verified for the applicant/employee
  4. Last Test Date
  5. Check Other violations of subpart B if they apply to the applicant
  6. Enter any Notes needed

Click Save & Add Test Result or Save.




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