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Duty Status Bar

The Duty Status bar is located in the green navigation bar across the top of the application and identifies four important pieces of information- driver name, location, duty status and date and time. Each piece of information can be clicked on and edited and most drivers consider these “quick links.

Duty Status Bar Components

  1. The responsible driver: Team drivers and drivers who share devices can switch responsibility by clicking on the name.
  2. Duty Status: Current duty status is listed here and a driver can change to a new duty status by clicking the current status.
  3. Location: This is the current location or last location identified on the log. The location can be updated by clicking on the location.
  4. Date and Time: This shows the date and time of the driver’s last change of duty status. The time can be updated, allowing drivers to make changes to their current day's duty status time, as long as it does not impact any other documented duty status (including driving time). These changes are recorded in the daily log. (This is helpful if the driver forgot to log in at 8AM and remembers at 10.)

Links to Other Material

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