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ELD Status Icon

The ELD icon on the home screen easily identifies ELD's connectivity to the application. 


Green ELD Icon

When the Encompass® ELD application is connected to the ELD that is plugged in and reading engine data, the ELD status icon will be green. It will also provide the name of the ELD below the icon.



Grey ELD Icon

A gray icon indicates that the mobile application is not connected to the ELD and therefore, drive time will not be automatically recorded onto the log. To connect to the ELD, please see Connecting to the ELD (Android™) or Connecting to the ELD (iPhone®/iPad®).




Blue ELD Icon

If the ELD icon is blue, the app is reading the ELD history, or, performing a firmware update on the ELD.  Once this process finishes, the ELD status icon should turn green and reflect that it is online.  Reading history typically doesn't take longer than a few minutes and the firmware update process can take up to 10 minutes. During this time, the vehicle can be driven.

clipboard_e3dba4ee0cc5bfa57d4f20c4689bba6df.png                       clipboard_e69a32c6b376bb0f24d243574c083e4a3.png

Red ELD Icon

If the ELD icon is red, contact Client Services for assistance.


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