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J. J. Keller Support Center

ELD Status Icon

The ELD icon on the home screen easily identifies ELD's connectivity to the application. 

Green ELD Icon

When the ELD is connected to the engine, reading data and sending it the KellerMobile app, the bars around the ELD will be green. It will also indicate ELD - Name of the driver's ELD - ONLINE.

Grey ELD Icon

A grey icon indicates that the ELD is not connected to the engine.  A driver will need to Discover the ELD again in order to connect to the engine.

  1. Tap the grey icon.
  2. On the Perform ELD Discovery screen click Discover. You may be prompted to “Pair” with your ELD. Click OK.
    • Click the drop down menu to choose the appropriate ELD (serial number).
    • If a handheld device will typically be connected to this ELD click the Set Default ELD checkbox.
    • Click Activate.
  3. If the ELD  icon is green, driver should proceed with standard use of the application.

Blue ELD Icon

If the ELD icon is blue, the app is reading the ELD history and no action needs to be taken. 

Red ELD Icon

If the ELD icon is red, call customer support at 800.327.1342 ext 8223.

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