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Map Legend


The legend is found on the right side of the map and can be expanded or hidden.  Click Show to view the legend.





Individual items can be shown or hidden on the map.  For example, if I have vehicles that have ELDs and other vehicles that are using Vehicle Tracking and I only want to see the Vehicle Tracking units, I can click on Display ELD to strike through that item in the legend and the map will not display the ELDs.


About Map Legend

  • Click the 'i' icon next to Display Traffic for a key to the color coding of traffic.
  • The map needs to be zoomed in at least 50% in order for Road Traffic color coding to display.
  • Colored numbered circles displayed on the screen indicate there are that may Traffic Cameras in that given area.  Zooming into that area, will allow for the individual cameras to display.
  • Below is a key when the Weather is displayed on the map.


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