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Go to Performance Management > Mapping.




Overview Map

The Overview Map or Most Recent Position Map is what is shown when mapping is first clicked.


The map style can be changed by clicking the drop-down Change Map Style directly beneath the map.



There is a list of all ELDs (listed below the map) that have had engine data and GPS data sent into Encompass by KellerMobile; if there is no engine/gps data, then the ELD will not show up on this list.  Note: ELDs cannot be manually added to this list. Each unit shows as a number that corresponds to its numerical order in the listing (shown above). The unit code or tractor number is not displayed on the map, instead, their numerical representative does.



This is not a track & trace system, meaning that the only time this map updates is when a driver is logged into KellerMobile on a mobile device and connected to an ELD. The map will not update the GPS locations if:

  • The driver is not connected to the ELD
  • There is a malfunction with the ELD (notably, a malfunction with the GPS in the ELD)
  • No cellular/wifi signal



There are 4 different colors that are associated with icons on the map:

  • Green - vehicle is active/moving
  • Yellow - vehicle is idling (sending engine/GPS data)
  • Red - no data sent within the previous 2 hours
  • Gray - no data sent for more than 2 hours



location history detail map

This map is displayed when a specific vehicle on the Overview Map or vehicle listing is selected.  It gives a detailed view of that one vehicle. This page can be navigated to by clicking View Detail when a vehicle bubble is selected on the Overview Map OR the number next to the Unit Code in the ELD list below the map.

clipboard_e6d508770426ee0f8857daff16a9495a4.png                          clipboard_eb999a30b9ea0ea274715ba2cdc49d3a7.png


The Detail Map will provide detail for one unit at a time. This map will show 25 breadcrumb points (contingent on network connection) at a time related to a particular date/time, with the most recent entry at the top; this can be adjusted for a beginning timeframe.  Note: For whichever Start Date and Start Time are entered, the breadcrumbs that will display all occur BEFORE the date and time entered.


Each of these breadcrumbs on the map can be clicked on for a popup to display, giving details about the entry.




Auto refresh map

A link to the Auto Refresh Map is found just below the Overview Map.



It opens in a separate window, and is designed to refresh at whatever interval the user chooses (default is 15 minutes), as long as the user doesn't click Log Out in their previous Encompass page to log out of Encompass (if the system logs the user out automatically, the map should still be usable).


It displays all vehicles, just like the Overview Map, but there is no list of vehicles; instead, each vehicle is represented on the map with a truck and unit code the ELD has been assigned to in Encompass.


This map will display and landmarks or geo-fences if any are setup.


The idea for this map is that it could be kept up and used possibly by someone in a dispatch or customer service function to monitor where the vehicles are, how close they are to drop off/pick up points, etc., throughout the day.


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