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Go to Performance Management > Mapping.




Live Map

The Live Map or Most Recent Position Map is what is shown when mapping is first clicked.


The map style can be changed by clicking the drop-down in the upper left-hand corner of the map, selecting a new style, and clicking Refresh Map.



The list of drivers on the map is listed to the left of the map.  These are populated from the Encompass® ELD application.  This means that the driver needs to be connected to the ELD, which provides the GPS, AND have internet/network connection, which allows for the GPS data to be sent to the Encompass back office.  If there is no engine/gps data, then the driver will not show in the list, or their data will not update.  Note: Drivers/ELDs cannot be manually added to this list. 





This is not a track & trace system, meaning that the only time this map updates is when a driver is logged into Encompass® ELD application on a mobile device and connected to an ELD. The map will not update the GPS locations if:

  • The driver is not connected to the ELD
  • There is a malfunction with the ELD (notably, a malfunction with the GPS in the ELD)
  • No cellular/wifi signal



The legend is found on the right side of the map and can be expanded or hidden.  Click Show to view the legend.





Click History next to a driver to view their specific gps history.



The history map will provide detail for one unit at a time. This map will show 25 bread crumb points (contingent on network connection) at a time related to a particular date/time, with the most recent entry at the top. This can be adjusted by changing the date and time and selecting the time between points above the detail on the left side.  Additionally, their hours of service information will be displayed at the top.  Make note of the detail to the left of the driver's name as it provides when the information was last updated.  The hours of service information may not be current to that exact minute but is meant to give a general idea.


In addition to the bread crumb points, a linear representation will display providing more detail of the route taken by the driver.


Note: There may be bread crumb points that do not have driver information associated with them.  This is due to certain GPS pings that are not associated with a driver that will display in this detail, such as fuel tax pings, which will not have a driver name listed.




Auto refresh map

A link to the Auto Refresh Map is found at the top of the Live Map.



It opens in a separate window, and is designed to refresh at whatever interval the user chooses (default is 15 minutes), as long as the user doesn't click Log Out in their previous Encompass page to log out of Encompass (if the system logs the user out automatically, the map should still be usable).


It displays all vehicles, just like the Overview Map but will refresh on it's own based on the Refresh Internal selected.


This map will display and landmarks or geo-fences if any are setup.


The idea for this map is that it could be kept up and used possibly by someone in a dispatch or customer service function to monitor where the vehicles are, how close they are to drop off/pick up points, etc., throughout the day.


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