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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass (05/24/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
DVIR Fixed issue with Towed Units and DVIRs being assigned to the wrong company key in a large company setup.  The DVIR was being assigned to the driver. It's now being assigned to the vehicle (even where that vehicle might have moved locations after the DVIR was done). 92718
DVIR Updated the time frame on open DVIRs to include all open DVIRs and any closed within the past 14 days.  Previously, the listing was only including the past 14 days.  93093
Hours of Service Fixed problem where users could not delete or change events for logs Exempt from ELD use.  It looked like they were being deleted when really they weren't.  93463
Hours of Service Fixed problem with sleeper berth calcuations not validating shorter (>=2 hour) periods accurrately.  92827
Hours of Service Fixed problem with Falsifications being cleared when settings have been configured NOT to clear these.  93042
Mapping Allowing for the Mapping History export to include seconds.  92376
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