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iOS .194


Area Description Reference ID
Automatically Created Driving Ensure driving that occurs after the initial submission shows as automatic driving events 66968
Check Hours Unhide the "Check Hours" button on the login screen 65452
DVIR Correct DVIR review time displayed, when the driver's time zone and the device's time zone are not the same 66363
ELD Hardware Allow connectivity to the ELD even if the real time clock is not set, by using the mobile app time 48087
Event Creation Ensure when a driver edits a 24-hour off duty log, that is saves properly 61063
Event Creation Ensure that with the midnight transition, all events are being associated with the proper day 63587
Event Creation Properly handle the driver manually ending a driving events, once the vehicle stops, so that if driving occurs again within 5 minutes, the time in the manually created status is reflected 66835
Log Edits Prevent Encompass log edits from causing the application to close, in some cases 64517
Roadside Inspection Show the last 14 days of logs on the roadside inspection display, when under the Canadian ruleset at the time of the inspection 62964
Roadside Inspection Provide better messaging/status to drivers for the roadside inspection data transfer 65758
Special Driving Categories Ensure the Exempt from ELD Use functions properly consume drive time for drivers with this exemption enabled 40042
Special Driving Categories Create a log remark when Personal Conveyance and Yard Move events are cleared 61593
Special Driving Categories Display the status "Off Duty - Well Site" in the application, as an option for the driver to select in the duty status listing 63931
Special Driving Categories When processing previous ignition off events during reading history, do not cause yard moves to be ended automatically 67199
Special Driving Categories Maintain the clock screen when in Yard Move at midnight, and the vehicle is in motion 67221
Special Driving Categories Maintain the clock screen when in Personal Conveyance at midnight, and the vehicle is in motion 67222
Special Driving Categories If the driver does not acknolwedge the prompt "Do you wish to remain in Personal Conveyance?" and moves the vehicle, but under the 5mph "drive on" threshold, the status will be changed to On Duty-Not Driving 67411
Team Drivers Allow a team driver to reassign an event to his/her team driver Multiple
Unidentified Events Prompt for review of unidentified events during the logout process 49853
Unidentified Events When claiming unidentified driving event via menu, remove the event from the list left to review 65868
Unidentified Events Prevent claimed unidentified driving events from showing as manually created driving events 66316
Unidentified Events Prevent claimed unidentified events from showing as a green line on the grid (which indicates the event was edited by the user) 66734
Unidentified Events

SmartAssign functionality included

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