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Encompass ELD v .274 (Android) - March 2022


Area Description Reference ID
Canadian Mandate Multiple updates in preparation for Canadian Mandate Various
Logs Update to consistently apply user's distance unit setting from Encompass 63071
General Display stuck in On Duty Regulated Driving 63059
Logs US Oilfield ruleset incorrectly allowing Off Duty Wellsite option  13862
Logs Incorrect status is set at midnight if driver submits their logs the prior day while in that status  63919
Logs 5 minute Drive off spans Midnight - Continue in Driving select Sleeper - Duty Status 63618
Logs Inconsistent Display of 30 minute Exempt from Break feature 13871
Logs Do not create logout and certify event on next day's log when looging out in the future  28421
Logs ELD Serial Numbers showing in annotation/ comment field for automatically recorded driving events 63058
Logs Co-driver not listed in RSI report when separate devices are used (Team Driving) 73846
Logs Prevent users from displaying PC as an available duty status when driver is in Off Duty-PC status 13837
Logs Mobile device Date and time jumping ahead several days creating transition records with future dated log 61038
Logs Moving during 'Continue in Driving' dialog creates two On Duty statuses 44655
Logs Movement is Detected prompte remains on screen after using YM 61037
Logs Submit logs to Encompass prior to user Requesting Logs for US and Canadian HOS 41202
Logs Unassigned driving events resubmitting to Encompass multiple times 64466
Logs White screen when going into the System Menu or Editing Logs 51564
Vehicle Inspections Remarks not showing when reviewing previous DVIRS 13889
Vehicle Management Process Improvements for moving an ELD to another vehicle 13810
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