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Firmware 6.88.140 - Update for Stronger Bluetooth Connectivity and SmartAssign™


J. J. Keller is pleased to announce significant enhancements to Bluetooth connectivity for our AOBRD and ELD users.  These enhancements will be included in a firmware update.  The new firmware version will be 6.88.140.


Features for Android™, iPhone® and iPad® device users include:


Bluetooth Connectivity Improvements

  • The Bluetooth connection remains on for longer periods, reducing the need for drivers to reconnect their smart device to the ELD.
  • There is more reliable and seamless Bluetooth communication with the J. J Keller Mobile® application and the ELD.



  • J1939F bus type auto-detection - an improved user experience for vehicles with the green, 9-pin diagnostic port.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements.
    • These will include SmartAssign Technology installed for ELD Devices (Note: This will NOT enable the SmartAssign feature in Encompass).



How to Prepare for the Update


J. J. Keller will initiate the update to your system hardware in Encompass.  When your drivers log into the J. J. Keller Mobile® application, he/she will be prompted to update their firmware.  The firmware update will take about 5 minutes and the vehicle should not be moved. Please plan for the additional time required for the firmware update and communicate with your drivers and other impacted staff.


If you have questions, please contact J. J. Keller Customer Care at 1-800-327-1342 ext. 8223.


For more information and tips on firmware updates, click here.


Thank you,

Your Customer Care Team

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