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Log Edits View

A view is available in Encompass to see which Encompass Users have edited drivers' logs, which logs were edited, and why.  


Go to Driver Management > Hours of Service and select Log Edits View under Common Views.



The filter page is defaulted to select all employees.  Any of these sections can be filtered to narrow down the results.

Note: If you are attempting to run this for a single employee or range of employees, be sure the bubbles for Include selected Employees... and either Employee Names from: or Employee Codes from: are BOTH selected.  The example below is filtering for one single employee with the employee code 'CD'.



Once all filters have been selected, click Select at the bottom to view.



The user will be taken to a list of Encompass users that have edited logs. If no Encompass users have edited logs, there will not be any results here.  To view the logs that the user has edited, click the drop arrow next to their employee code. Each edit will be displayed and the far right will be the remark the user made as to why the edit was made.  


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