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Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection Incomplete Violations

To better assist carriers with complying with Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Compliance, part 396.11, Encompass® will audit a drivers log to verify that a Pre- and Post-Trip inspection has been completed for the vehicles driven that day.  If a pre- and post-trip has not been completed for the vehicle being driven on that log, a violation will display:


*The alert for this violation will appear in Encompass the following morning, as this is an overnight process.


Although requirements for when a driver needs to complete a pre- or post-trip inspection vary in the industry, it is best practice to have a driver complete both a pre- and post-trip inspection for each vehicle they drive, ensuring safety.


Violations displaying on a log can be alarming; below is a list of frequently asked questions around these violations.


Frequently asked Questions

How will this affect my company in an audit?

Pre- and Post-Trip violations do NOT show up in the ELD Output File that is sent during a Roadside Inspection or an Onsite Audit.


Can I disable this feature?

The violation is omitted from Audits by default.  This setting can be adjusted by going to Setup > Company/DOT Violations.



Scroll down to the Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection Incomplete violations and click Edit to the right.



Enable/Disable the violation from audits using the checkbox for 'Include in Audit?'




What if I don't want to see these on my violation reports?

When running violation reports, you can choose to Include Selected Violations and uncheck the Pre-Trip Inspection Incomplete and Post-Trip Inspection Incomplete violations.



When/how will the violation clear?

The violation clears when the driver or Encompass® Admin enters a pre- and post-inspection for each of the units that the driver used that day.

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