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J. J. Keller Support Center

My Profile in TMC

There are a few ways to access your profile:


1) From the Dashboard, click Visit My Profile on the right, underneath your name.


2) Click the arrow next to your initials in the top right. Then select My Profile.


The My Subscription tab will provide details on your subscription and how many enrollments you have in your 'wallet'.


In the Contact Info tab, update any information as needed. To add a profile picture, click the + inside the circle on the left to upload an image. (The maximum file size for the image is 300x300 pixels.)


The Security Information tab allows for updating your password and login security questions.


The Customization tab allows you to update your areas of interest. (TMC frequently tailors/displays content aligned with your selected interests.)


The My Documents tab would include documents uploaded by J.J. Keller related to your account. For example contracts, addendums, accounts specific information, etc. You may or may not have any documents.


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