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SDS Center


Safety Management Suite subscriptions have access to allow employees (non-users) visibility to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) already loaded in SMS by using the SDS Center.


To grant this access, expand Chemicals from the left side menu and select SDS Center.



You will be taken to a page to customize the view the non-user will see.

SDS Center.png


1. Customize Text: The text at the top of the page can be customized to provide helpful information to the non-user viewing the page. This may include things like emergency contact information, who to contact in their organization with questions, etc.

2. SDS Center Employee Access URL: This URL is the link non-users will need to access the feature. This link can be published to an intranet site, saved on the desktop as a shortcut, etc.

3. Copy: This icon next to the URL is the button to copy the URL for the page. Then, you can paste that URL into your preferred location for employee access.

4. SDS Grid: This grid will show any SDS marked as Include in Binder with active company usage defined.


Once a non-user accesses the provided URL, below is the page that will be seen.

SDS Center NonUser.png


Create a QR Code to Access the SDS Center

A scannable QR code can be created for easy access to your company's SDS Center.


First, when NOT logged into SMS, go to your company's SDS Center via the URL provided from your admin account. (See #3 from instructions above.) In this example, the URL has been copy and pasted into a web browser.


Next, right click your mouse in an empty area of the page. Then, select Create QR Code for this page.


Once the QR Code is generated, you can Download an image file (.png) to your device and administer the QR Code as you see fit. The QR Code can be scanned with the camera of a device.


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