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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Video: Installer Web App

Installers are authorized personnel who will be installing the video systems in your vehicles. Go to Video > Configuration > Installers.


Use the Table of Contents or click these links to jump to that specific topic:

Add an Installer | Edit an Installer | Resend Email | De-/Reactivate Installer | Pairing Cameras as an Installer

Add a New Installer

Click on the orange Add button in the upper right corner of the screen.


Enter the new Installer’s details in each field and click SaveNote: The Start Date and End Date fields define the time period that the Installer will be active in your system.


An email will be sent to the new Installer notifying them that they’ve been added to the system and a new account has been created in the Installer web application. The Installer will need to verify their account from the email to set up a password and verify their email address.

*Note: If you have multiple company levels and the same Installer for each, you will need to make sure that the Installer is added to each level.

Installer Email.png

installer verify.png

Note: Password must be at least eight characters with:

  • at least one lowercase character
  • at least one uppercase character
  • at least one number
  • at least one special character

Editing Installers

To make changes to an existing installer, click the ellipsis (three dots) button. Then, select Edit.



Resend Installer Email

The Resend Email button (envelope icon) To re-send the Installer the email (as shown above) informing them that they’ve been added as an “Active Installer”, click the ellipsis (three dots) button. Then, select Send Email. This is useful if the Installer did not receive an initial email.



Deactivate/Reactivate Installers

To view currently inactive installers in your system, toggle Include Inactive on.


To reactivate an installer: Click the ellipsis (three dots) button. Then, select Edit. Select new start and end dates. Click Save.




To deactivate an active installer, click the ellipsis (three dots) button. Then, select Edit.



Turn the Deactivate toggle on. Click Save.


Pairing Cameras as an Installer

The Installer will log into the system using the link from their initial email. Upon login, they will choose what fleet they intend to work with, unless they have already
been assigned a fleet by the Fleet Administrator.


Once they are logged in, the Installer will be able to see which cameras have already been paired. Click on the BEGIN PAIRING button to see the list of cameras available for pairing.


You can Search for a camera, click Scan to scan in its serial number with your device, or choose a camera from the list by clicking on it to select it. Then, click NEXT in the lower right corner.


Next, you can Search for an available vehicle to pair the camera to, or locate and select the appropriate vehicle from the list. Click NEXT when the correct vehicle has been selected. (Note: You must have the vehicle added to Encompass before pairing the camera. The vehicle will not show up in this list until it is added.)


Verify you have selected the correct camera and vehicle you wish to pair and click CONFIRM.


To view details of a paired device, click VIEW DETAILS under the paired device listing.


The Installer can test the system by ensuring that the vehicle ignition is on, the camera is powered on, and by clicking Request New Video.