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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (8/03/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
A&D Enhanced the A&D Test Not Taken Card to include Notes, Delete and Attachment options 63492
Alert Center Enhanced the Alerts to include the "Drivers Driving Not Connected to an ELD" view/listing 44377
Attachments Enhanced : Attachments area for Units and Drivers so that user can delete the attachments.  They could not before this was implemented.
Fixed error viewing attachments after uploading but before saving the attachment
Multiple work items
Applicant Fixed issue with Rosters not sorting on Progress column and filters not working correcting
Fixed problem with Applicant not being "Hired" and migrated into an Employee Record.
Fixed problem with HireRight where selecting Hireright and one other report, the Hireright tab was not displaying.
85148, 85297
Driver Qualification Fixed issue with no prompt from system where driver appears qualified.  System will now prompt user to qualify driver. 85277
DVIR Enhanced the DVIR Card (under a Unit Maintenance record) to include the Edit, View and Delete functions 84909
Employee Performance Fixed issue with Employee Performance data - Speed & RPM -- NOT Displaying 86332
Employee Rule Enhanced Employee Rules to include the "Delete" button where special Employee Rule exists and needs to be deleted 84900
Hours of Service Fixed problem where Unassigned Log Events error messages were not dynamic and were passing the wrong date
Fixed issue where Inserting an event into an Exempt from ELD Use log was using the wrong time.
Fixed other issue where adding an ELD event to a log was using the wrong ruleset in certain cases
Live Map Enhanced Map to include current duty status for driver 85520
Setup Fixed issue where Company Rule was not loading (under certain conditions) 86309
Training Fixed issue where downloading the quizzes or quiz key from the Roadside Inspections for CMV Drivers Classroom Program course fails
Fixed the E-Learning Training History roster view to have a "Started" column AND changed label for Final Score to just "Score"
Unit Maintenance Enhanced wording on Preventive Maintenance modal to read 'Add Unit Preventive Maintenance'. It was confusing the way it had been named. 85345
Unit Updated the Unit Entry modal to include the REQUIRED label for Fuel Type (where vehicle will have trips tracked) 85344
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