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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass Release (12/08/2022)


Area Description Reference ID
Driver Qualification FIXED: Fixed problem where users were getting a "Field cannot be blank" message when trying to Edit All Maintenance items and N/A on 1 item is checked.  94275
DVIR FIXED:  DVIR data will now include AM/PM time frames when Exporting to Excel.  94091
Fuel Tax FIXED: Fixed issue with Mileage listings where listings could not be entered with "Control" on under Settings.  They can be entered now.
FIXED: Permission error where administrator role would not allow user to access Fuel Tax. 

Hours of Service FIXED: Fixed error when attempting to view/edit a Missing Log from the driver's Missing Log Listing.
FIXED: Fixed issue where the Driver's Log Grid and Duty Status were not loading. Also fixed problems with the log dates not updating and the log record taking too long to load. 
Maintenance FIXED: Removed some erroneous links in the Maintenace area for Parts|Transactions views. 72019
Unit FIXED: Fixed error with Pre-Service items  when Editing All and only updating 1 item; also fixed error when Editing All and choosing N/A for 1 checklist item.  In both cases, the error should be gone and user can save the updates.  94086
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