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Encompass New UI: Work in Progress

Over the past six months, we have been migrating our entire customer base to the new user interface of Encompass. We are continuously working to fix any issues that have arisen. The information below shows which areas we are working on improving and will be updated frequently as fixes are implemented.



Topic/Area In Progress Completed
(Reports) Update IFTA and Mileage reports to refresh tables (98254)  


(Reports) Time In/Time Out report   X
(Reports) Mechanics Recap Report   X
(Reports) IFTA Audit Report   X
(Reports) IRP Mileage Report   X
(Reports) Unit Mileage Report   X
(Dashboards)  Customization of Driver and Vehicle Dashboards (86665, 86670)   X
(IFTA) Bug fix for trip entry “odometer value for line 1 must be greater than or equal to starting odometer reading” (87393)   X
(Settings) Bug fix for Vehicle Tracking to display all available units for a VT100 device pairing (92655)   X
(Settings) Build Fuel Card Schemas Process for Driver Setup (96898)   X
(General) Bug fix for 500 server error in DQ Prequal checklist (99786)   X
(Applicants) Multiple applicant records displaying for a single applicant fixed   X
(Applicants) Sub-tabs in the Progress Roster view fixed   X
(Users) Fix to Remove Deleted Encompass Users from User List   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Fix to mapping history to include markers and date/time for Vehicle Trackers   X
(Training) Bug fix for 500 error when accessing the Training tab or Training Options   X
(DQ) Bug fix for Previous Safety Performance History state abbreviation only showing the first character   X
(Unit Maintenance) Preventive Maintenance sub-view missing fields in view & edit screens   X
(HOS) Exempt log displays in Minutes in Log List and isn't displaying on/off duty hours when viewing log   X
(Mobile Messaging) "No Recipients found in this group conversation. Please provide threadID" error fixed when responding to mobile message   X
(Units) Bug fix for 500 error adding a unit when the (not specified) unit type is disabled   X
(HOS) Bug fix for Ruleset is required error when saving exempt log for driver that is exempt from ELD (96462)   X
(HOS) Bug fix for issue assigning unassigned driving events (96849)   X
(A&D) "No Employees Found" when attempting to run random A&D Selection Generator because it is not identifying employees in the companylevel keys (93852)   X

(Company Setup) bug fix for no fields populate when editing company level (98935)



End of March

Topic/Area In Progress Completed
(Reports) IFTA Tax Report X  
(Report) Dispatch Recap Report (96321) X  
(Reports) US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing MIS report (33987, 33207, 96456) X  
(General)  Bug fix for 500 server error in mapping (93463) X  
(Applicants) Bug fix for applicants skipping to qualified without user help (96157) X  
(Mapping) Fix to show Unit Data when accessing mapping history via Hours Available View X  
(Mobile Messaging) Unable to log into the mobile app after adding multiple mobile user logins (93953)    
(Maintenance) 500 Error Viewing maintenance records when no permission to view Employee roster (93054)    
(DVIR) When clicking on a Record from the DVIR Roster where the Unit Code is missing, the page doesn't load (93850)    
(DVIR) When submitting a DVIR from the mobile app that comes into Encompass unassigned, it doesn't show up in the Unassigned DVIR-Towed Units view (93851)    
(DVIR) Unable to edit a DVIR that has a blank odometer field (88169)    
(DVIR) Errors editing Timesheets from eDVIR app (98951)    



Topic/Area In Progress Complete
(HOS) Ability to delete HOS Exempt log (98828, 95081)    
(Applicant) Missing Employment Error displaying when there are multiple employers or gaps in employment on the online application (90612)    
(HOS) Hours Available view includes Terminated Employees (93464)    
(HOS) Error message when adding an ELD Event (96852)    
(Applicant) Error message when hiring applicant with duplicate name (98917)    
(Settings) Error when editing company levels; page not loading (95411)    
(HOS) Log Summary total hours display issues for exempt logs (95412)    
(Tires) Edit icon for Tires generates error (95255)    
(Parts) Total reorder threshold and Total minimum to have on hand values are switched in Parts Summary View (96769)    
(Roadside) Roadside Inspection Alert doesn't link to Roster (89907)    
(HOS) Hard braking and Idle time in Unit Performance timezone (92446)    
(Unit) Add unit page is blank under certain circumstances (92441)    
(Annual Review) Ability to generate list of drivers for annual review that includes driver's license and social security # unmasked for specific user roles (95170)    


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