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Encompass New UI: Work in Progress

Over the past six months, we have been migrating our entire customer base to the new user interface of Encompass. We are continuously working to fix any issues that have arisen. The information below shows which areas we are working on improving and will be updated frequently as fixes are implemented.


Last Updated: 10/12/2023 15:23 Central



Topic/Area In Progress Complete
(Fuel Tax) Fuel Tax page does not load in Firefox   X
(Applicants) Error when using 'Progress' Field in Advanced FIlter of Applicant List View   X
(Training) Get Broken Truck Error instead of a popup when clicking Unenroll for an employee with no enrollments   X
[Applicant] Prequal Checklist cannot be edited by Hiring Process user when it should be allowed   X
(Maintenance) Changes to PM Roster Export [due date format, unit details to each line, remove nulls]   X
(HOS) 500 Error Adding Exempt Log   X
(Maintenance) Changes to PM Subviews [filter corrections, incorrect highlights, remove nulls]   X
(Unit Service) Pre-Service Status Modal Missing Functionality   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Vehicle Tracking Device list issues (limited to 50 results, export includes deleted devices)   X
(Mapping) Implement Directional Arrows to Show Which Way Vehicle is Heading   X
(Drivers) License info not populating the Editing Driving info modal when edited from Unassigned Applicants Roster   X
(Applicants) Reapplicants are displaying incorrect Application Process status when Employment Application Processing is disabled   X
(Maintenance) Unit Type PM setup is requiring Due Date when it should not   X
(Attachments) Edit and Move icons appear for users that have 'View Only Permissions in Fuel Tax Attachments   X
(Training) 'Back to' link incorrect when viewing Training Courses*   X
(General) System Error when changing Date Range on Vehicle Performance Rosters   X
(Training) 500 Server Error unenrolling driver from training   X
(Training) Unable to unenroll single employees from a course   X
(Maintenance) Adding PM to Completed RO doesn't update PM schedule   X
(Attachments) Attachment date shows next days date if uploaded later in the day X  
(HOS) Multiple Changes to Assigning ELD Event Modal [creating logs when assigning event if no log exists, default adjustments]   X
(Fuel Tax) Fuel entered as decimal not rounded properly when displayed   X
(Training) Enrollment in certain Training Courses results in 500 error X  
(HOS) New UI lets users assigned ULE to Essential Driver X  
(DQ) Third Party required for Annual Review generation when none are enabled X  
(Fuel Tax) State Mileage Reportability Selections (In Rules) not always displaying in New UI X  
(HOS) Add functionality to Delete Exempt from ELD Use Logs X  
(DQ) More Actions Ellipsis (Safety Performance History Functionality) [1/2] X  
More Actions Ellipsis (Safety Performance History Functionality) [2/2]   X
(Unit Registration) Add Functionality for Registration Custom Items in Settings X  
(Maintenance) Preventive Maintenance Due schedules are not auto-populating Due Date based on last Completed date X  
(Reports) Compliance Notification includes violations from the day after the to/end date user specified X  
(Applicants) Reapplicant status not assigned when applicant applies for two different company locations under the same company group root X  
(Canadian Mandate) Prompt user to turn on PC and YM when new driver is added X  
(Vehicle Tracking) Change add/edit modals to include device type and section to add dashboard odometer info X  
(Training) Training Checklist not updated after Due Date extended X  
(Training) Extended Expiration for Training Roster is variable and inconsistent X  
(Canadian Mandate) Do not display CMV Powerup, Shutdown, or intermediate events when PC is active on Employee Log X  
(DeferredDVIR) Build UI change to DVIR Record in New UI [multiple work items] X  
(ContinuousLog) Log List and Grid Views for In Progress Logs [multiple work items] X  
(DVIR) Certified by incorrectly updated when assigning to an unassigned DVIR or saving a DVIR without defects   X
(Maintenance) Multiple Changes to Add/Edit PM Modal [including fixing required due date]   X
(Mobile Messaging) Not All Employees available to be sent mobile message for Virtual Companies   X
(Applicants) Applicant In Progress Roster Doesn't Filter Properly on Current Step Field   X
(HOS) JSON Error editing ELD events on driver's log that came from unassigned events   X
(Training) Employee training items requiring score, but should not be   X
(General) Drivers with Incomplete Employee Files alert not linking to the correct tab   X
(Reports) Employment Eligibility Verification form returns broken truck when generating with a large driver set   X
(Alerts) Clicking applicant alerts in alert center doesn't redirect to correct roster   X
(Applicants) Back to Applicant List does not take user back to correct page for Reapplicants from Application Process tab   X
(Maintenance) Unit PM Due card and add/edit unit PM show miles when unit is set to KM   X
(Fuel Tax) Listings don't come up on Edit Trip page when clicking Edit Listings if bulk fuel exists on trip   X
(HOS) 500 Server Error viewing some drivers logs   X
(Training) Incorrect drivers display in some Training Driver Lists tabs   X
(Attachments) Cannot Edit or Move Employee Attachments for Specific Areas   X
(Parts) Part cost not prefilling when adding to Repair Order   X
(Reports) Employee log report intermittently showing no driver or log data   X
(General) Advanced Filter by Inactive Status Returns wrong Records   X
(Applicants) Selecting Multiple Priority Applicants doesn't display all options   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Assignment of VT Device to Disposed Unit not being Correctly Removed   X
(Applicants) Status missing from Advanced Filters on Applicants All Tab   X
(Accidents) Save & Add Attachment does not show attachment after save   X
(General) Page doesn't refresh after changing login context   X
(Training) 500 Server Error enrolling student in training   X
(Online Application) Need delete icon for questions on Online Application Dropdown Settings modal   X
(Parts) Inactive parts not displayed on All Parts, but do show on Out of Stock view and should not   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Add Vehicle Tracking device fails when deleted and added to a unit in another company   X
(Unit Service) Fix errors with Pre-Service screen Edit All   X
(Maintenance) Add Date Range to Repair Order card on Unit Maintenance tab for a Unit   X
(General) Update all the rosters to handle breadcrumbs via separate URL parameters for each tab control   X
(HOS) Yard Move Showing Negative miles   X
(Alerts) No Alerts Displaying in Alert Center for Some Users   X
(Reports) Employee Log Report error when specifying multiple emp statuses: Oh no! Something's broken   X
(Co-Pilot) Display available Trimble Co-Pilot activations and add the ability to add/remove licenses from devices in Mobile Device List    X
(Reports) Add Filters to the Expiration Report to be selected prior to report generation   X
(Attachments) Add ability to add attachments to Safety Performance History Responses   X
(HOS) Build a View Original Log Button and Screen View for ELDs only   X
(Maintenance) PM Past due by inc amt/size not highlighted in past due view or on unit file PM due card   X
(Training) JSON error saving training checklist items   X
(General) Arrows to scroll employee/unit file tabs missing   X
(HOS) Fix False "Speed Over Maximum Average MPH" Violations   X
(HOS) Not able to assign Unassigned Driving events after the driver has rejected them   X
(DVIR) Odometer error when adding DVIRs for some non-powered unit types   X
(Fuel Tax) Jurisdiction Minimum Mileage does not seem to be enforced   X
(HOS) Add Exempt Log page taking ~15 seconds to load for some drivers   X
(Training) Currently Enrolled Tab Slowness   X
(Alcohol & Drug) Collection Site, Lab, and MRO should not be required fields when adding a Drug Test   X
(Alcohol & Drug) Error Entering Return to Duty Drug Test - "A return to duty test may not be entered directly following a pre-employment test   X
(HOS) Fix for Assigning event would shorten driving message when it does not   X
(DQ) 500 Server error on Previous Employee SPH form   X
(HOS) Company Violations Missing on Exempt from ELD Use Log   X
(Accidents) Multiple Updates to Accidents/Incidents Rosters   X
(HOS) Revision history of pending/rejected edits links to view log instead of log revisions   X
(Online Application) 'Add Company Operated For' modal should have 'Reason for Leaving' as required   X


Previously Released Items

Topic/Area In Progress Completed
(Checklists) Adjust 'Delete' link in UI for checklist items in all tabs   X
(HOS) Change Violations & Falsifications views to Listings instead of aggregate counts   X
(Repairs) Adding part to Repair Order sometimes uses previous parts cost   X
(Mapping) Live Map missing drivers/vehicles   X
(DVIR) Unassigned DVIR Assignment Process Fix   X
(Fuel Tax) Cannot Edit trip line info without refresh if trip number is changed   X
(Applicants) Application process not consistently advancing to next step   X
(Third Party) Change Samba Password in New UI doesn't change password   X
(DVIR) Pre-Trip DVIR Defects alerts are not displayed in new Enc   X
(Checklists) Add Checklist Items to Rosters   X
(HOS) Add 'Cleared By' column to 'Cleared Unassigned Log Events' view   X
(Users) User forced to Re-Login when timeout not configured   X
(Drivers) Unable to view DIHF attachments in employee file after Applicant is hired   X
(Reports) Motor Vehicle Driver's Certificate of Violations missing Motor Carrier's Name and Address   X
(Mobile - ELD) Mobile User Login Using DL# as Username being Allowed   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Use Odometer Offset when updating odometer for mapping functions   X
(Reports) Updating Encompass UI Report & Form Page   X
(Attachments) Some attachment uploads fail   X
(Co-Pilot) Display available Co-Pilot activations and add the ability to add/remove licenses from devices in Mobile Device List   X
(Reports) Employee log report intermittently showing no driver or log data   X
(Maintenance) Units missing from PM views (Past Due, Due in 30/60 days) if tracked via increment amt/size   X
(Alcohol & Drug) With agency filer on, FMCSA shows 0 drug & 0 alcohol selections   X
(HOS) Error Assigning Unassigned events in Virtual Account to Employee in a Company different to the Uploaded Event   X
(Alcohol & Drug) Existing Random Selection Requiring reconciliation message when there are no pending tests   X
(HOS) Not all pins display the way they should on the log grid   X
(HOS) Non-User cleared unassigned events displaying in Unassigned Events roster   X
(HOS) Unable to remove manually assessed violation from Exempt from ELD Log   X
(HOS) Yard move events not being sorted properly on Employee Log   X
(Training) Pagination in employee roster in Update Training modal doesn't work   X
(DQ) Delete icon doesn't delete the attachment on Maintenance Checklist items   X
(Attachments) Enhance multi-attachment upload modal   X
(HOS) Fix to False "Speed over Maximum Average MPH" violations   X
(Fuel Tax) Add Prompt to Archive Trips when Moving Unit to new Reporting Level   X
(HOS) Build view original log button and screen for Mandate Logs   X
(Maintenance) Viewing Unit Information or PM Due information is requiring incorrect permissions   X
(Canadian HOS) Deferral Events not showing in ELD Events List   X
(HOS) Not able to assign Unassigned Driving events after the driver has rejected them   X
(DVIR) Odometer error when adding DVIRs for some non-powered unit types   X
(Forms) Make multiple forms accessible from DQ Menu   X
(Mapping) Fix to permissions needed for Live Map and Historical Breadcrumb Trail   X
(Fuel Tax) Changes to filtered Roster Views for Fuel Tax   X
(Fuel Tax) Updates to the IFTA and Mileage Forms to include aggregate data   X
(RSI) Page not loading from Save & Add Attachment on Add Employee Roadside Inspection   X
(HOS) HOS avg speed and PC limit display issues on company and emp rules when set to kilometers   X
(Maintenance) Units missing from past due view when tracked by miles or hours, but are included in the alert   X
(Maintenance) Adding attachment to RO, tooltip wording needs updating; form defaults to first RO instead of RO the user is adding attachment to   X
(Drivers) 500 error when updating employee profile picture   X
(Drivers/Vehicles) Logged into context not updating when moving employees/units   X
(HOS) Hours of Service roster not displaying correct results after adding a log   X
(Drivers) Select Drivers field doesn't expand with selection in Move Drivers modal   X
(DVIR) 500 server error after going to DVIRs tab and waiting 20+ seconds to load   X
(Fuel Tax) State Dropdown on Add Trip not in alphabetical order   X
(Maintenance) PMs Past Due view not highlighting past items in red   X
(Mapping) Live Map pop-up window: some units cannot be seen in Vehicles List   X
(Alcohol & Drug) Number of tests for random selection revert to default is user adjusts test percentage date range   X
(Maintenance) Unit cost usage records not showing, but show fine in classic   X
(HOS) Error thrown for 1st log event where driver has Canadian Rules & Distance Units   X
(Parts) Part cost not prefilling when adding to Repair Order   X
(Rosters) Units Operated with Known Defects not saving Custom View correctly   X
(Rosters) When filtering for Employee Names, it's ignoring the filter and returning all results   X
(Mobile Messaging) Multiple fixes to mobile messaging   X
(Rosters) Allow multiple selections across multiple page views for Rosters   X
(Applicants) Applicant prequalification checklist missing items   X
(Applicants) Applicant Alerts are not all displaying correct Number   X
(DQ) Previous Employee Safety Performance History Form should list an "Employed To" date if employee is terminated   X
(A&D) Add Note modal doesn't load for all A&D cards   X
(Employee) Deleted Employee Contacts still appear on Employee File Page   X
(DVIR) DVIR List view - Add DVIR > Save and Link Existing Repair Order functionality   X
(Mobile Messaging) Reply To Recipient Is Incorrect   X
(Online Application) Cosmetic Fixes   X
(Applicant) Error hiring applicant - Response was null which was not expected. Status: 500 response   X
(Rosters) Applying a 2nd level advanced filter adds extra layers   X
(Applicant) Applicant process not consistently advancing to next step   X
(HOS) Log Display issues if using previous/next buttons above grid   X
(eDVIR) Errors editing timesheet logs from EDVIR app   X
(Reports) Compliance Notification not Printing 'Congratulations, No Violations' Letters   X
(DQ) Edit Prequalification Checklist Item modal closes when Save & Add Attachment is clicked   X
(DVIR) Missing Icons in DVIR Views   X
(Unit Service) Unit Pre-Service Checklists Missing Status When Being Added Which Prevents Addition of Checklist   X
(Navigation) Breadcrumbs for Titling page are not taking the user back to the Titling page   X
(DVIR) DVIR - Reported Trailer Number column is able to be removed by the columns selector   X
(Checklists) New Maintenance Checklist items not assigned to job class during creation   X
(Employee) Broken Truck Error when Attempting to Add Duplicate DL on Applicant Edit Prev. License Info Modal   X
(Parts) Part Sort & Search Issues on RO Details   X
(Units) States selection in Edit Rule Information modal doesn't allow typing to search for State   X
Error Adding Attachment to Custom Checklist Item   X
(Rosters)Back to Driver Roster link from emp opened from Active driver roster view returns to All Tab   X
(DQ) Attachments window now loading after adding new prequal checklist item   X
(Reports) Motor Vehicle Driver's Certification of Violations and Annual Review of Driving Record forms contain terminated driver   X
(Rosters) System Error when using search on Incomplete Confidential tab of Driver Roster   X
(Reports) Motor Vehicle Driver's Certification of Violations/Annual Review of Driving Record incorrect company info when choosing Address to Print: Company   X
(A&D) View Attachment icon not displayed when adding new drug test and choosing save & add attachment   X
(Unit Service) Unit Service attachment tooltip labeling wrong   X
(Rosters) Incorrect Text on Breadcrumb Link back to Roster for Units   X
(Parts) Part quantity on hand showing negative number   X
(DVIR) Need to wrap DVIR defect note text for display on the maintenance tab and edit modal DVIR   X
(Rosters) Advanced Filters with Dropdown options keep getting incorrectly reset   X
(Repair Orders) Not all tires listed when adding Tire to RO Detail   X
(DVIR) DVIR Date picker is not returning correct Date range results   X
(Repair Orders) Mechanic sort and search issues on RO Details   X
(A&D) Add "+" for A&D tests so that an admin can "Quick Add" Collection Site, Lab and/or MRO   X
(Fuel Tax) Start/End dates missing from Unit Fuel Tax page although trip line dates enabled   X
(Applicants) Applicants To Qualify alert should be listed under Prequalification Checklist section   X
(Rosters) Back to Driver Roster link from emp opened from Driver Qualification and Alcohol & Drug driver roster view returns to All tab   X
(Employees) Driver Pre-Employment Test Programs modals do not show the notes field & inline notes icon does nothing   X
(ELD) Connected Device List limited to 50 devices displayed although there are more   X
(Tires) Tires listing isn't working; status seems reversed   X
(Rosters) Advanced Filters Numeric Options Keep Getting Incorrectly Cleared Out   X
(Mechanics) Add Mechanic doesn't autofill with Mechanic in RO wizard   X
(ELD) Permissions error accessing mobile device list   X
(Applicant) Fix to Reject option always being available   X
(Unit Maintenance) Fix to Link for Units with PM Due   X
(RSI) Updates to Violations List when adding/editing an RSI  


(Forms) Fix motor carrier name field on Annual Review of Driving Record form   X
(Tires) Fix Delete Tire Icon   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Fix to warning covering up paging   X
(Settings) Fix to mobile company settings not loading   X
(Fuel Tax) Fix to display Unit Code instead of UnitID when changing the unit a fuel tax trip is assigned to   X
(Units) Fix to inability to edit a unit if the unit type is associated with a not specified vehicle type   X
(HOS) Fix to log summary totals not updating for Exempt from ELD Logs after an edit   X
(DVIR) Fix to unit search not working when attempting to assign DVIRs to a towed unit   X
(HOS) Fix to being unable to edit ELD events and displaying incorrect end time   X
(Applicant) Fix to JSON error when Adding Previous Employers   X
(Rosters) Allow the ability to include the same column multiple times in Advanced Filters   X
(Drug & Alcohol) Reconcile naming convention - collection site vs lab   X
(HOS) Fix to adding ELD events allowing auto-recorded driving time to be made inactive   X
(HOS) Fix to unassigned event preview grid highlighting affected areas in Company time zone instead of driver time zone   X
(Applicant) Fix all options being disabled when Ready to Qualify is set to No   X
(Parts) Fix to Part History comments not displaying on the part file   X
(Parts) Correct values for Total Reorder Threshold and Total Minimum to have on Hand   X
(HOS) Fix to terminated drivers showing in Driver Hours Available view   X
(Unit Performance) Correct conversion of values for Hard Braking events and Idle Time   X
Units) Fix to Add Unit page loading blank   X
(Applicant) Fix to inability to continue processing applicants in progress   X
(Unit) Fix to incorrect permission required when attempting to edit state information in the Unit File   X
(Mobile Messaging) Correct time for Last Activity and Original Date   X
(HOS) Hard braking and Idle time in Unit Performance timezone (92446)   X
(Annual Review) Ability to generate list of drivers for annual review that includes driver's license and social security # unmasked for specific user roles (95170)   X
(Tires) Fix to error generating when editing tires   X
(Applicant) Change to Hiring Process (View) and Hiring Process (View & Edit) to call them Applicant (View) and Applicant (View & Edit)   X
(Applicant) Fix permissions error when hiring applicant   X
(Annual Review) Ability to unmask SSN and DL for Roster   X
(Hiring Process) Fix to 403 Error Generating Prequalification Checklist   X
(Unit Maintenance) Fix 500 Error Viewing Maintenance Records   X
(HOS) Add Oil Field Specific Setting in Company and Employee Rules   X
(Unit Service) Fix Error Saving Pre Service Checklist Item   X
(Applicant) Fix to Prequalification checklist missing items   X
(HOS) Fix to assigning unassigned events missing end inactive event   X
(Alerts) Fix to cancel changes to customize alerts modal saves changes anyway   X
(Applicant) Fix error hiring applicant from Roster   X
(HOS) Ability to delete HOS Exempt log (98828, 95081)   X
(Applicant) Missing Employment Error displaying when there are multiple employers or gaps in employment on the online application (90612)   X
(Applicant) Error message when hiring applicant with duplicate name (98917)   X
(HOS) Log Summary total hours display issues for exempt logs (95412)   X
(Parts) Total reorder threshold and Total minimum to have on hand values are switched in Parts Summary View (96769)   X
(Reports) Update IFTA and Mileage reports to refresh tables (98254)  


(Reports) Time In/Time Out report   X
(Reports) Mechanics Recap Report   X
(Reports) IFTA Audit Report   X
(Reports) IRP Mileage Report   X
(Reports) Unit Mileage Report   X
(Dashboards)  Customization of Driver and Vehicle Dashboards (86665, 86670)   X
(IFTA) Bug fix for trip entry “odometer value for line 1 must be greater than or equal to starting odometer reading” (87393)   X
(Settings) Bug fix for Vehicle Tracking to display all available units for a VT100 device pairing (92655)   X
(Settings) Build Fuel Card Schemas Process for Driver Setup (96898)   X
(General) Bug fix for 500 server error in DQ Prequal checklist (99786)   X
(Applicants) Multiple applicant records displaying for a single applicant fixed   X
(Applicants) Sub-tabs in the Progress Roster view fixed   X
(Users) Fix to Remove Deleted Encompass Users from User List   X
(Vehicle Tracking) Fix to mapping history to include markers and date/time for Vehicle Trackers   X
(Training) Bug fix for 500 error when accessing the Training tab or Training Options   X
(DQ) Bug fix for Previous Safety Performance History state abbreviation only showing the first character   X
(Unit Maintenance) Preventive Maintenance sub-view missing fields in view & edit screens   X
(HOS) Exempt log displays in Minutes in Log List and isn't displaying on/off duty hours when viewing log   X
(Mobile Messaging) "No Recipients found in this group conversation. Please provide threadID" error fixed when responding to mobile message   X
(Units) Bug fix for 500 error adding a unit when the (not specified) unit type is disabled   X
(HOS) Bug fix for Ruleset is required error when saving exempt log for driver that is exempt from ELD (96462)   X
(HOS) Bug fix for issue assigning unassigned driving events (96849)   X
(A&D) "No Employees Found" when attempting to run random A&D Selection Generator because it is not identifying employees in the companylevel keys (93852)   X

(Company Setup) bug fix for no fields populate when editing company level (98935)

(Reports) IFTA Tax Report   X
(Report) Dispatch Recap Report (96321)   X
(Reports) US DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing MIS report (33987, 33207, 96456)   X
(Reports) Trip Information Report [fix]   X
(General)  Bug fix for 500 server error in mapping (93463)   X
(Applicants) Bug fix for applicants skipping to qualified without user help (96157)   X
(Mapping) 500 error viewing mapping history/breadcrumbs when selecting driver   X
(Mobile Messaging) Unable to log into the mobile app after adding multiple mobile user logins (93953)   X
(Maintenance) 500 Error Viewing maintenance records when no permission to view Employee roster (93054)   X
(DVIR) When clicking on a Record from the DVIR Roster where the Unit Code is missing, the page doesn't load (93850)   X
(DVIR) When submitting a DVIR from the mobile app that comes into Encompass unassigned, it doesn't show up in the Unassigned DVIR-Towed Units view (93851)   X
(DVIR) Unable to edit a DVIR that has a blank odometer field (88169)   X
(HOS) View Trip link only links to a single trip for a single unit when multiple trips are driven   X
(HOS) "A record already exists for this company, employee log and startTime combination but no ClusterPK was supplied" error when adding an ELD Event   X
(HOS) Hours Available view includes Terminated Employees (93464)   X
(HOS) Error message when adding an ELD Event (96852)   X
(Tires) Edit icon for Tires generates error (95255)   X
(Unit) Add unit page is blank under certain circumstances (92441)   X
(Settings) Error when editing company levels; page not loading (95411)   X
Cannot Hire Applicant from Roster   X
(Unit) User is Required to have Edit Accident Permissions when Editing State Info in the Unit File   X
(Alerts) Cancel changes to Customize Alerts modal saves changes   X
(Training) Error enrolling student in training   X
(FuelTax) Cost and Invoice# required for bulk fuel listing but should not be   X
(Mobile Messaging) Wrong time for Last Activity and Original Date   X
(Rosters) Scrub UI for consistency in Roster Column Labels   X
(Users) Source and Target User must be different in Copy Security Roles   X
(Units) Max length is incorrect for multiple fields in the Vehicle Edit Rule information Modal   X
(Performance) Date Boundary Issue with Employee and Unit Performance tabs   X
(Drivers) If no third party MVR providers are enabled, MVR requests tab should not Display   X
(A&D) If test type on a positive or refusal test is edited on the edit drug test modal, disposition field disappears   X
(HOS) Log listing date range defaults to 1 day on some companies   X
(A&D) Agencies subject to testing not saved on employee/company rules   X
(Unit Service) Unable to delete renewable checklist attachments   X
(DVIR) Display order of DVIR photos is incorrect   X
(Maintenance) Display only mile or kilometer when adding new unit PM record   X
(HOS) Selecting employee in HOS missing roster doesn't pre-select missing logs view   X
(Mapping) Map style should save when changed from the default   X
(A&D) Future time listed on A&D Random selection reports   X
(Units) Units not plated tab shows disposed units   X
(DVIR) Creating a DVIR for a unit with OOS defects is not changing the isOOS flag in the DV   X
(Drivers) Job class keeps resetting when editing maintenance, prequalification, and training checklists   X
(Reports) Unable to run report more than once for the same employee   X
(Performance) Add new button isn't working on the Unit Performance pages   X
(DQ) Attachments modal is not opening when Save & Add Attachment is clicked for prequalification checklist items   X
(HOS) JSON error when assigning unassigned events at a top company level   X
(HOS) Unable to enter exempt log working over midnight   X
(Fuel Tax) Non-Receipted fuel isn't displayed properly on fuel listings card   X
(Fuel Tax) Users are being able to save trips that violation jurisdictional control settings   X
(Fuel Tax) Provide users 10 blank trip lines instead of having to add each one individually when adding a new trip   X
(Forms) Motor Vehicle Driver's Certification of Violations/Annual Review of Driving Record incorrect company info when choosing Address to Print: Company   X
(Alerts) Drivers with Accidents in the last 30 days alert lists the incorrect number of drivers   X
(Fuel Tax) Trip line date value isn't carrying over to the next trip line when manually entered   X
(Fuel Tax) Users are being allowed to save trips that violate odometer verification without warning   X
(DVIR) Sort Templates Alphabetically   X
(Employees) User cannot save "Essential" profile in specific situations   X
(A&D) No Employees match your search criteria when generating a random   X
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