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Virtual vs. Flat Company Structure


What does this mean?

  • A virtual structure can mimic corporate/company hierarchy, with the ability to add additional reporting levels. Flat structure allows reporting levels, but all data is held in one location.
  • A virtual structure allows users to see one dashboard for entire company, or drilling down to a specific company level/location.  This allows a user to see one specific company level/location.
  • In a virtual structure, rule settings can be configured by company level/location and/or reporting levels. In a flat structure, rule settings are configured by reporting levels.
  • In a virtual location, ELDs are activated at each company level/location. If drivers frequently move between company levels/locations, Encompass® ELD will need to be configured to the new location for each move.
  • In a virtual structure, users are assigned access by location as well as security roles which determine capabilities within (view/edit/purge). In a flat structure, users are assigned security roles for all reporting levels. 



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