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SmartAssign™ Technology for Unassigned ELD Log Events

SmartAssign™ Technology reduces the time spent managing unassigned ELD log events using our algorithm which makes driver recommendations for these unassigned ELD events.  This does not mean Encompass will automatically place drive time on a driver's log. Instead, it will process the event just like an Encompass user would and send it to the mobile application for the driver to either accept or reject.


Encompass determines if an unassigned ELD event should automatically be processed based on different confidence levels determined by the mobile application.  Confidence levels are based on a number of different variables, including:

  • When the vehicle was last moved
  • Who last moved the vehicle

...and many others.


The level of confidence in which Encompass will auto-process the event is determined by the Encompass administrator via Settings > Encompass ELD Settings > Mobile Company Settings.


The addition of this feature will not change how drivers accept or reject ELD log events assigned to them.  It will, however, recommend the edit to the driver much quicker, resulting in them having an up-to-date, accurate log, without requiring an Encompass user to assign the event.


SmartAssign™ Technology is optimal for fleets with drivers that are dedicated to trucks. For fleets with slip-seated drivers, the confidence level should be set to a higher number so the events aren't assigned to the wrong driver.



Go to Settings > Encompass ELD Settings > Mobile Company Settings in the Encompass® ELD Settings box.



Scroll down to the second section titled Unidentified Driving Settings.


  • Check the box next to Enable Auto-Assignment to turn on the SmartAssign™ feature.

  • Select the Default Originator.

    • When any edit (automatic or manual) is made to a mandate log in Encompass, the Encompass user that made the edit is associated with the change. This drop-down will provide a list of Encompass Users that have either Administrator or Mobile Admin role, which will be automatically assigned to the unidentified event generated by the SmartAssign™ Technology process.
  • Set the Confidence Level Percent.

    • Any unassigned ELD event that comes into Encompass with a calculated confidence level equal to or above the confidence level set here will automatically be sent to the suggested driver.
    • The confidence level is calculated within the mobile application when the historical records are read from the ELD.  At this point, the driver can choose to claim the unassigned event, or ignore it. This process ONLY applies if they choose to not claim or ignore the unclaimed driving event. The mobile application does not determine if, by this confidence level, the unassigned ELD event should be automatically processed; it only assigns the confidence level.  The mobile application will calculate the confidence level on a percentage scale from 0-100% with the potential levels of:

100%; 90%; 80%; 70%; 60%; 50%; 30%; 10%; 5%; 0%


Frequently, the SmartAssign™ process will run in Encompass to process any unassigned ELD events that have a confidence level at or above the level determined by the Administrator. Note: This is not automatically placing the event on the driver's log; it is processing the event to propose an edit to the log fro the driver to either accept or reject.


FAQ: What should the confidence level be set to?
Answer: This answer will vary. It is suggested, however, to start with a higher number, and then adjust to lower numbers as the users become familiar with SmartAssign™ Technology.

FAQ: What if the confidence level is set to 0% in Encompass?

Answer: This means any unassigned ELD log events with a confidence level greater than 0 that comes into Encompass will be automatically processed via SmartAssign™. Unassigned ELD log events with a confidence level of 0 will not be automatically processed because there is no suggested driver.

  • Enable the Auto-Assignment of Yard Moves.
    • Check the box to Auto-Assign Yard Moves if the system should automatically process any unassigned ELD events that are 1.0 mile or less AND within a defined Geo-Fence area.
    • Note: This feature is only available if using the Premium Edition of Encompass. Additionally, the data profile must be set to HOS Compliance + Performance + Geo-Fence.


This process will only go back 7 days. This means that any unassigned ELD events the mobile application reads that go beyond 7 days ago will NOT be assigned a confidence level.


Unassigned ELD Log Events Alert

When the driver logs out and submits their logs, any unclaimed ELD events will be sent to Encompass and show in the Unassigned Events alert. These can be viewed in the Hours of Service Unassigned Events tab. When SmartAssign™ is enabled, two new columns will appear in the view: Suggested Driver and Confidence Level.



Events that come into Encompass from the mobile application with a confidence level equal to or above the confidence level determined in Settings will be processed frequently. Because of this, there may be some instances in which an unassigned ELD log event that would be expected to be automatically processed due to the confidence level will show in the list. This typically means that the SmartAssign™ process hasn't run since the event came in. Once the process runs, the event will be sent to the Suggested Driver for acceptance or rejection.


There may be unassigned ELD log events that show up in this list without a confidence level. This could happen for a few reasons:

1. The submitting driver is not on a recent version of the mobile application that supports the feature.

2. Per the messaging in Settings, any unidentified ELD events older than 7 days will not be assigned a confidence level.

FAQ: Why are there unassigned ELD log events with a calculated confidence level of 100% showing in the Unassigned ELD Log Events alert?

Answer: This could happen for a few reasons:

1. While the SmartAssign™ process runs frequently, it isn't continuously running. It may be that the process hasn't run since the event was submitted to Encompass by the mobile user.

2. If the event lingers even after the process has run, it may be that there is a conflict in trying to process the event. For instance, if there is already drive time on the log for the driver for the driving segment in question, it will not be able to process that event automatically. The event will need to be handled manually.

Log Edits Pending Alert

Once unassigned ELD log events are processed, they are sent back to the driver via the mobile application for them to accept or reject. When this happens, the events will show in the Pending & Rejected log edits tab in Hours of Service. (Or within the Alert Center) until the driver acknowledges the event.



Regardless of whether an unassigned ELD log event is processed manually or automatically with SmartAssign™, the event will show in this alert. There will be an additional column seen below called Confidence Level. This value will be brought over with the Unassigned ELD Log Event if it is processed via SmartAssign™.


Once the driver accepts or rejects the proposed log edit, it will be removed from this alert.



Minimum App Version Requirements:

Android .192
Compliance Tablets .186
iPhone® and iPad® .194
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