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Managing Pending Log Edits (Android)

About Pending Edits

When a user working in the Encompass® interface enters or edits a log on your behalf, this will create a Pending Edit request for you to either accept or reject. This article will walk you through how to edit these requests. 


It should be mentioned that your log won't be truly accurate until you've either accepted or rejected these requested changes.


Accepting a Pending Edit Request for a Log

These steps start right after you've gone through the log-in process and made it to the Home screen.  

  1. If you have pending edits, you'll get a notification to "Review Log Edits."  Click "Yes" to review or "No" to dismiss.
  2. When you click "Yes," you will be taken to the "Review Edit Requests" View. There will be a listing of the logs with changes to review.

Click "Review Log"

  1. The next screen will show all the changes in red.
    In this case, the entire log was entered on the Encompass side, so all the items are red. If you wish to see one of the events, click "View"
  2. This view will list all the event details

    Click "Done" to return to the log
  3. Click "Accept Edit" to approve of the changes
    Note: There isn't a way to accept specific changes and NOT others
  4. There will be a notification asking if you're really sure you want to accept the changes
  5. After accepting the changes, the events will turn to black font and there should be a green success message

Click Done

  1. You'll be directed back to the "Review Edit Requests" screen. At this point, all the logs with pending requests have been reviewed. 
  2. When you return to the Home screen, you'll be prompted to Certify/Submit the edited log. Click "Yes" to continue or "No" to do it at a later time.
    Note: It should be mentioned that the changes WILL NOT reflect in Encompass until you certify and submit the log.
  3. If you do elect to certify/submit, you will get a list of the logs that have not yet been certified on the device. Select the log(s) you wish to certify at the time and click "Submit."


Once submitted, the changes are sent to Encompass and the log is updated there.


Rejecting the Edits

You would follow all the steps above until step 6. Instead of "Accept Edit," you would select "Reject Edit"

You will get a notification asking you to confirm the rejection.


When you go to certify and submit your logs, the Encompass system will receive the rejected log and place it into a "Log Edits Rejected" alert for the Encompass® user to review.

How to Find Pending Edit Request without the Notification

If you've been in the application for a while and the Encompass® user has made some changes to one of your existing logs, you may need to review these changes separate from the process presented above. 


To find the requested changes:

  1. Select View Log (either from the Menu or from the Home Screen)
  2. Select "Review Edit Requests" from the left menu
  3. Select "Check for Edit Requests"


This will download any pending log requests you have received.

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