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Managing Pending Log Edits (iPhone®/iPad®)

About Pending Edits

When a user working in the Encompass® back office enters or edits a log on a driver's behalf, this will create a Pending Edit request for the driver to either accept or reject.  This article walks through how to manage these requests in the Encompass® ELD application.


Accepting a Pending Edit Request for a Log

Upon logging into the application, if there are any pending log edits, there will be a notification displayed on the home screen to Review Log Edits.  Tap Yes to review them, or No to dismiss the notification (see below for instructions for accessing at a later time.)


Selecting Yes will take the user to the Review Edit Requests screen. There will be a list of logs that have pending edit requests. Select Review Log to view the edit requests.


All changes to the selected date's log will be shown in red. Tap an edit to open its details.


To accept the Edit, select Actions in the upper right and then Accept Edit to approve of the changes and apply them to the log.

clipboard_e14e8f5d26295a4495aecbe408752f642.png clipboard_eeb1848138f93b379530d8efc77b94ff2.png


Note: There isn't a way to accept specific changes and NOT others.

A pop-up notification will display asking if the user is sure they want to accept the edits. Tap Accept.


After accepting the changes, the events will turn to black font and there should be a green success message. Tap Done

The user will be directed back to the Review Edit Requests screen. If there are any other log dates that have edit requests, complete those until this screen displays No Events to Review.



The user will be directed back top the Review Edit Requests screen. If there are any other log dates that have edit requests, complete those until this screen displays No Events to Review.


Upon returning to the Encompass® ELD dashboard, the user may be prompted to Certify/Recertify the edited log and any other logs that have yet to be certified. Select Yes to continue or No to dismiss and complete later.



Rejecting the Edits

If the log changes should not be reflected on the log, the driver can reject the edits. When viewing the requested edit, select Actions > Reject Edit.


A notification will be displayed confirming the rejection of the edits.


When the driver Certify and Submits their logs, the Encompass back office will receive the rejected log edit(s) and place it into a Log Edits Rejected alert for the Encompass user to review.

How to Find Pending Edit Request without the Notification

If the driver has been in the application for a while and the Encompass user has made some changes to one of the existing logs, the driver may need to review these changes separate from the process presented above.


Select View Log on the dashboard. (You can also open the main menu and select View Log from there.)


Select the More tab at the bottom of your screen. Then, tap Review Edit Requests.


Select Check for Edit Requests.


This will download any pending log edits sent by an Encompass user. You can then follow the process outlined above to accept/reject the edits.


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