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J. J. Keller Support Center

Claiming/Unclaiming Unidentified ELD Events


Unidentified ELD Events occur when a vehicle with an ELD installed moves, but there isn't a driver connected to the ELD via the Encompass® ELD mobile application.  


Detected Unidentified ELD Events

When a driver logs into the Encompass® ELD application, connects to an ELD, and reaches the Encompass® ELD dashboard, if any unidentified ELD events are detected after reading history, the driver will be directed to the Unidentified ELD Events screen in the application. 


Claiming Unidentified ELD Events

To check for unidentified events, select Menu in the upper right, and then select System Menu.



Select Records.



Select Unidentified ELD Events.



Check the appropriate boxes of Unidentified ELD Events. Any events created during a period when you are on-duty need to be claimed, these events includes Driving, Power-up, Shut-down. To select all of the events, check the box at the top of the list.


Once all appropriate events have been selected, tap Claim. Once claimed, select Done in the upper left to return to the Encompass® ELD dashboard.


Any unidentified ELD events that are not claimed within the application will be submitted to the Encompass back office once the driver logs out and submits their logs.


Logging out with Unclaimed unidentified ELD Events

If there are still unidentified ELD events that have yet to be claimed when logging out of the application, the driver will be prompted with the option to review the unidentified events.  Select Yes to view them.



The user will be automatically directed to the Unidentified ELD Events screen with the opportunity to claim the events if they belong to them.




Unclaiming Unidentified ELD Events

If an unidentified ELD event was erroneously claimed, it can be 'unclaimed'.  When in the View Log > Edit Log screen, any unidentified ELD events that were claimed by the driver will say (Claimed) next to them.  To undo that action, click Edit next to the claimed event in question.



The driver will see an explanation of what events are un-claimable and what needs to be done to unclaim the ELD event. Per the instructions on the screen, tap the Unclaim checkmark and add an annotation as to why the event is being unclaimed.



Once the event is unclaimed, when viewing the log, the duty status change will be removed.