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Changing Ruleset in Encompass® ELD

This guide should NOT be used for switching between Canadian and US rulesets (Border Crossing).  Use this guide instead.

From the Encompass® ELD dashboard, select Menu > System Menu.

clipboard_ebba19007e245d07f2b8a85e8b1d919d7.png         clipboard_e5c9287bf8af8e5ede152c9f14934fd07.png



Select Records.



Select Employee Rules.



About the Employee Rules screen: The rule set is the only item that can be changed on this page.  If there are rules on this page that need to be changed, the Administrator would need to make these changes within Encompass. Guide:Employee Rules


On iPhone®/iPad®, tap the icon in the upper right hand corner, then select Change Ruleset.

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On Android™, tap Change Ruleset at the bottom (the user may need to scroll down to this section).



The new rule set can be selected for the entire log, or to only apply for duty statuses going forward.  Select the needed rule set from the menu and press OK to save the rule set. iPhone®/iPad® devices will show the list of all available rule sets with a checkmark next to the one selected (shown in the 2nd image).

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After pressing OK, the user will be taken back to the Encompass® ELD dashboard, and their new rule set will be reflected next to their duty status.


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