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Send Email to Employees

Encompass administrators can send e-mails to their employees directly from Encompass.  These emails are sent from Encompass to the employees email address that is listed in Encompass.  This is not the mobile messaging feature to send a message to a driver using Encompass® ELD.


Note: The e-mail field must have their valid email in order for this feature to function correctly. If one needs to be added, click Edit next to Personal Information and save once one has been entered.



Emailing Multiple Employees


Go to Driver Management > Employees and click on Send Email under Related Areas on the left side of the page.



The user will be taken to a screen to filter the employees they'd like to send the email to.  Once the necessary criteria is selected, click Next.



A list will be displayed of the employees based on the filters selected.  Either Select All or use the check boxes next to their names to select the recipients of the email.



Once all desired recipients are selected, click Next at the bottom.



Enter the Subject and Body of the email and click Send.



View Success Message



Emailing a Single Employee


Go to Driver Management > Employees and find the desired employee by using one of the common views or using the search function. When viewing the Employee file, click Send Email on the left in the Related Areas box.



Enter a Subject and Body for the email and click Send.



View success message.


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