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Custom Fields

There are 10 additional custom fields that can be set up in Encompass.  These are typically used for fields not already in Encompass.  Custom Fields can be used for Custom Lists and Employee Reports. It's important to make sure that the data is entered consistently with among all Encompass users.  These are free form text fields; there are no checkboxes, drop down menus, or toggle buttons. It is important that the information is accurate when entered.


Custom Fields are maintained by Encompass Administrators via Setup. If Custom Fields need to be added, edited, or deleted, Encompass users should contact their System Administrator. Administrators, click here to learn how to manage Custom Fields.


To add, edit, or delete info from custom fields, find the driver/employee via Driver Management > Employees and look them up either by searching or using a list view.



Click on the employee's name to view their Employee File.



Next to Custom Fields, click Edit Full List.



Add, edit, or delete the information for the needed fields. Pay particular attention to any formatting suggesting that may be listed. Click Save once the needed information is added.


There will be a Success Message displayed and the information will be shown under the Custom Views heading.


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